Breakout point is.. at 1.3c

  1. 5.7k

    Good on ya illio and good patience if you've held right through since the ones.

    Think I first played this about 15 years ago now and once was one of my favs but haven't touched in 10 years up until a couple months ago when a hint of nova similarities emerged

  2. 5.7k

    Broke through 10c barrier this morning on 3rd try.

    Looking good now to attack underside 12s.

    Might take a couple of goes but if it gets through there's whoosh daylight potential.
    But will need fundamentals to grow with results.

  3. 1.5k

    good real story $

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  4. 2.8k

    looking at high 7's for a final floor in sp imo...….

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