Breakout point is.. at 1.3c

  1. 5.8k

    Good on ya illio and good patience if you've held right through since the ones.

    Think I first played this about 15 years ago now and once was one of my favs but haven't touched in 10 years up until a couple months ago when a hint of nova similarities emerged

  2. 5.8k

    Broke through 10c barrier this morning on 3rd try.

    Looking good now to attack underside 12s.

    Might take a couple of goes but if it gets through there's whoosh daylight potential.
    But will need fundamentals to grow with results.

  3. 2.5k

    good real story $

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  4. 3.2k

    looking at high 7's for a final floor in sp imo...….

  5. 3.2k

    Lookin ripe...

  6. 5.8k

    Very good results so far.

    Another Bossa Nova!

  7. 5.8k

    Impressive break of 10c and a very good volume week.

    Consolidating mode now.

    Odds are increasing that they are on the way to unleashing a huge find over 2020.

    Trading is definitely bringing back memories....getting Sirius like☺

  8. 3.2k

    20 bagger so far

  9. 5.8k

    Topped out.

    But did get to 450+ mc around the top,so makes sense too.

    Needed a rest.

    Very promising still. Just needs to keep drilling and unearthing and proving up the economics of it will follow.

  10. 3.2k

    Might be time to bail....
    Reckon IGO and creasy will wrap up funding for drill programs and a succession of "Poor results" will cruch sh value and a cheap buy for them.....all imo

  11. 5.8k

    Been out for a while.

    Still got good potential..just not in play atm and was getting pretty highly valued mc wise.

    Time for creasy and a few of his other plays.
    Galilee,Azure,Myanmar,Coziron all with work going on raising or drilling etc.worth watching.

  12. 3.2k

    IGO might be the main game....

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  13. 3.2k

    That's enough for me time to pick an exit price and park it in IGO.....reckon they willl load LEG with debt financed by IGO and they will pick the bones on viable discoveries for themselves at LEG holders future expense ......just my opinion

  14. 3.2k

    Tell that to my trading account 👍😉

  15. 3.2k

    I'm out .......and I'm in IGO......

  16. 2.5k

    real story..real backers

  17. 3.2k

    Short term looks great.
    Can't help feeling that IGO will take lions facility ect

  18. 2.5k

    Agree igo great story go mark caresy

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  19. 7

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  20. 2.5k

    trade halt on good news

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