quality VUL board to LKE dud board

  1. 3.6k

    New Research Report Discovered - VUL - Price Target $9.50

    While we wait for the trading halt to be lifted, we have just discovered a new research report on VUL from a highly respected German investment publication Der Aktionär.

    Der Aktionär is one of the most influential German investment newsletters and has been around a long time.

  2. 3.6k

    For example, while Argentina has attractive lithium resources, they are located in areas difficult to access, said Emily Hersh, executive vice-president at US Critical Minerals LLC and a leading industry expert.

    “Expanding production will require reliable infrastructure and energy for the mines, something that isn’t there yet and will take time to develop,” Hersh told the Times.

    The foreign currency restrictions currently in place also represent a challenge to the sector’s expansion, with foreign companies facing limitations on taking their profits overseas. Carlocchia said the country needs “clear rules and normative fiscal stability

  3. 3.6k

    Environmental risks

    As extraction projects intensify, activist groups have also raised concern about the negative consequences’ lithium mining could have on the environment. They highlight concerns such as the consumption and pollution of waterways, the impact on areas close to mining sites, chemical contamination and the threat to biodiversity, among others.

    Many concerns are based on the process of extraction. Lithium is obtained through an evaporation process, which requires two million litres of water per ton of mineral extracted. Part of it is salted, meaning the water is unsuitable for human consumption. By using so much water, underground fresh water aquifers could be affected, environmental experts argue.

    A lack of water would also affect local populations, especially those which rely on it for their daily activities, such as for farming and cattle ranching, forcing them off their properties. At the same time, some areas already approved for mining have been identified as critical for biodiversity, especifically regions that have large flamingo populations.

  4. 3.6k

    Travel restrictions remain the same as the arrival to the country is forbidden for foreign non-resident individuals through ports, airports, international border crossings, and any other access point, to reduce the chances of infection and spreading COVID-19.

    However, tourists coming from bordering countries such as Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay are still allowed

    to enter Argentina, but are required to have a negative PCR test before boarding, along with a medical insurance. (For prior coverage, see GMS Flash Alert 2020-442, 29 October 2020.)

    Additionally, individuals authorized by the National Immigration office to come to Argentina from affected areas2 must provide information about their itinerary, declare their address in the country and undergo a medical examination that should be as minimally invasive as possible, to determine the potential risk of contagion and the preventive actions to be taken.

    The current circumstances present new challenges as the length of the lockdown period is unknown and the situation could change in the future.

    Any individuals impacted by the lockdown extension may wish to consult with their global mobility advisers and immigration legal counsel as soon as possible for advice on next steps.

  5. 3.6k

    CR pump and dump imo

  6. 3.6k

    until new board this is the credit card pump and dump machine//"

  7. 3.6k

    billion shares here we come dilute dilute.. way to go lol dyor

  8. 3.6k

    cr pump be careful imo

  9. 3.6k

    lke dud pump and dump..light years away from anything,,,imo need a new BOD

  10. 3.6k

    big blow off candle today be careful pump and dump machine imo

  11. 3.6k

    LKE pre feas numbers barely economic at current $6700 battery grade price lke opex $4300 and low ball IRR of %22 and sovereign risk dyor

  12. 3.6k

    round and round we go on the lake product with no proof, is it a scam i would like to know, is it secret squirrel stuff, come on do they think people are that gullible.

  13. 3.6k

    gina rinehart son now has %5.4 of a quality lithium play VUL go john leslie hancock on a winner

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