Easiest way to invest on SGX

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    Has anybody done the research on the easiest way to invest with LNC on the SGX market?

    I'm currently with ETRADE.

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    commsec is just a phone call not sure on the rest

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    You will need to apply for international trading account, Etrade has this option available. Any purchase/. sales transactions will be slightly higher as they shall be international charges.

    Hope the above helped

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    commsec the same and I thought by the ann that Linc was going to arrange with commsec or phillips

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    If Linc do the same as Unilife there would be CDIs on the ASX - we will know soon

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    Anyone coming up for the vote-could be a very good chance to ask questions.

    If not and have any please email to me-you know me not scared to ask-whats the worst that could happen-get chucked out I guess

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    Thank you guys.

    $59 is the standard brokerage fee.

    0.59% for anything above 10,000$$

    Could get pretty expensive !

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    Go into SGX exchange and check on share price. The price is delayed by about 20 minutes, so it is not live (good bye shorters). Directshares provides the facilities for on line trading. Go into "Trading" then "Global shares". You have to consider the cost of exchange rates and fees which are a lot more than domestic trading. Punch in your info and the trade is placed. It is just as easy to initiate as domestic trading, but the exchange rate and costs can be a hassle when trying to determine your losses or profits. The Directshares website does work the exchange rate and costs, when you trade, but you have to fine tune on your own individual costs above this.

    This info is abbreviated. I found that the guy handling my enquiry at Directshares was extremely helpful. To trade through them, however, you do need to have an account. This is not the complete picture but a starting point for your own research, as I am not an expert, just a simple investor with great hopes.

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    just a WHAT to COM*** ???? :shock

    i even have my own customer GROUCH line to Sydney

    but my LNC are in Bell Direct .... i wonder if GR has LNC holdings (since she doesn't run the "trust" fund anymore) mabye a LNC investment group ??? :wink:

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    Doesn't matter who your current CHESS sponsor is now. Find an online broker that allows you to trade in international markets. Open an account. Costs nothing, but you do have to have a bank account linked to it. I use Directshares. You transfer your sponsorship to them by downloading and completing a simple form and providing a photocopy of your chess holding statement. etc. Then in about a week you can trade them. See my earlier post on this. You can still keep your other broker.

    I do not have any financial interest in Directshares, I just find them polite and helpful.

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    i will give it a shot !!

    a lot of fuss for something i won't use often (was meant to a bottom drawer speccie .)

    (sigh) :)

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    You can purchase live feeds for SXG or any foreign market.

    Don't worry about converting currency. You should be able to purchase shares in AUD, firms automatically convert into the markets currency.

    The difference in the exchange rate will make little to no difference in the amount you receive.

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    commsec looks to be cheaper

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    Sal, having the option to trade international shares, especially with a high Aust dollar is the best move one could make, believe me. Then you get the double gong if selling is gone in a couple of years when Aust dollar is reputed to be back in the 80 cents.

    Go for it old boy, it puts hair on chinny chin chin, for the gals it expands the breast.

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    Westpac, and Direct Shares (St George) are both expensive.

    The lowest domestic broker is Nabtrade.

    They also provide a bonus rate of 4% :).

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    Got a reply back from NabTrade today to inform that they do not cater for investment in international shares. So for a newbie like myself who just found NabTrade nice and easy and linked to a bank account, I guess I will have to find a way to trade on SGX, assuming my shares just get transfered across???

    I have no idea at the moment. Hope some more info in coming days. I am in for the long haul ride.

    And it all could have been nice and simple.

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