lyc /USA rare earths LLC way ahead

  1. 4.1k

    'm very heavy on
    as I believe they are at a potentially monumental stage for investors if all goes well in the implementation of their tech and the price of REE oxides follows projections. Lynas is a safer play and have accumulated 2k shares over the past four months.
    has upside (hopefully, for the sake of my otm leap calls) but you're right is richly valued.
    I've held the
    etf for quite a while now and it has been reliably stable in comparison. Maybe some there?
    Also, more speculative is
    . Further, keep a look out for the USA Rare Earths (currently private) that might be going public later this year or next.
    I'm in a sense "all in" on this sector, as not only my investments but also my career focuses on this topic. Good luck to us

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