has been Hacked

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    These so call anti-Lynas group have no brain, they have broken the Law they should be judged as criminals. Malaysian Govt.should seriously do something about them its damaging their reputation. :oops:

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    Congratulations 128 well spotted - thanks for monitoring it for us :D

    taking down a website won't stop the LAMP and the jobs that it creates for Malaysians and it won't stop the money that the Lynas project will pour into the the Malaysian economy

    the actions of one computer activist isn't going to convince the Courts or the International Atomic Energy Agency or the Malaysian Government that the waste from the Lynas rare earth plant is going to cause nuclear catastrophe

    BUY LYC :lol:

  3. 4.4k

    They are digging their own graves, they broke the rules for the protest, they hacked the website, they make outrages claims of Lynas being "the devil" and "killing all Malaysians", they make outrageous claims of lies to do with radiation etc etc etc and are whipping up mass hysteria.

    They have no regard for due process and the law, its time Lynas took overdue legal action IMHO against those concerned. :idea:

    Seriously, where are these same people when Malaysian logging companies rape and pillage SE Asia and its indigenous populace, just type in "Malaysian logging companies" in google and you'll see what i mean.

    Their "environmentalism" cant be taken seriously.

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    good to hear lynascorp been hack... love the hacker so much..... they should go out of malaysia because malaysia people really do not want this industry. maybe they can go to usa. their country need more job than malaysia.

    waiting for the 3.0 rally in malaysia if malaysia government did not shut down the plant.

    :twisted: :twisted:

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    Welcome to Topstocks jeffreyong ... this is a forum to discuss stocks and shares and I notice that you've been posting about Lynas since you joined a few hours ago

    Are Malaysian activists joining websites like this hoping to affect the share price?

  6. 61.0k

    i am in if they bring it down to 95 c. still on my shopping list !!

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    nah.... post here cannot effect the share price.. but well just hope that the general election can come asap. hopefully the existing government will be voted out and new government will kick out lynas. :twisted:

  8. 5.7k

    More likely the new government will be the same party that you have now and Ibrahim will be kicked out

    How can you trust Ibrahim to do what he says when he is always telling lies?


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    The hacker has been identified as a member of HackXL96

    username 4z1

    Apparantly an Malaysian citizen, with an US IP address...

    His foot note on the his blog reads

    (tranlated from Chinese)


    I hate the government, but I love my country and I think with the three major ethnic coexistence is not a foreign thing ...

    And is not everyone as some people like racial discrimination racism. Race just two words in fact we are all human beings are afraid of radiation!

    Malaysia is an immature state, and a technical level not to the international standards in the country!

    National Congress roof get it working, sure you can create a rare earth plant???

    Japanese radiation leak, Japan has failed ... not to mention Malaysia, you can do!

    If you open a rare earth plant for the money! Then you are wrong! Not at a technical level to a certain degree of national construction, then there will always be a release of radioactivity.

    Who needs to buy the product in Malaysia? To lose when their own country!

    I believe that Malaysia is a democratic and listen to the opinions of the people!

  10. 866

    4z1 is a member of the anti-lynas camp.

    he is a political activist on behalf of BN

    Lynas and Malaysian gov should do whatever it can to catch this criminal(s)

    they should all go back to school and learn something about radiation

    ps. interesting fact #11020390912339380981232

    reading a book requires radiation (natural or artificial light)

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    people are fed up with the current government. and hope that a new government will be form after the GE 13.

    YES we do trust the opposition. not just ibrahim, is the entire opposition. :!

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    one main question why lynas does not want to built the refinery at their own country?

    And why Malaysian cannot reject the project?

  13. 61.0k

    if you understand our government few businesses who have flexibility would want anything but an agency in this country as the laws change in an irrational way apart from being a huge gravel pit all sensible ambition has been sucker dry . you mention radiation concerns ,can you explain the elements or processes which raise this concern ,please .the cyanide if used is extremely dangerous in ways most Australians don't understand and should always used only when a better option (not just cheaper) is available .

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    well i really are not a chemise and i do not know anything about the element and stuff.

    i only can search and read the information on the internet to find out more.

    for me i do think the con are more then the pro.

  15. 4.4k

    "i do not know anything"

    Finally you say something that makes sense, I found a photo of you BTW.


  16. 4.4k

    PAS warned its own nuclear expert not to comment on the Lynas rare earth processing plant after he tried to reassure the public that the facility in Gebeng Pahang poses no radiation or health risk.

    Dr Che Rosli Che Mat, who is the PAS MP for Hulu Langat holds a PhD in nuclear science. He revealed in a recent interview that he was last year gagged by his own party after he spoke out over the plant, which he says is says is being used by opponents in a baseless scare campaign.

    "They are frightening the public by saying that Lynas is a nuclear plant when its function is only to process natural materials like rare earths from Mount Weld in Western Australia," he said.

    "The issue was brought up by PKR. I've kept quiet and even been given a warning by the PAS information bureau not to comment."

    Che Rosli did not reveal who it was that asked him to keep quiet and said, as a PAS MP, he was prepared to toe the party line but as a scientist, he would not be gagged.

    "I accepted it and have been silent, but this is unfair," he said.

    "So finally, I decided, as a nuclear expert, I should come forward to speak."

    Che Rosli said the Lynas operation involves material that is less radioactive than what is produced by traditional iron ore extraction and as such, it is totally safe. The waste material produced is of such low level radiation that it can be legally transported back to Australia without the need for safeguards.

    Both the United Nations organ, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and Malaysia's Atomic Energy Licencing Board gave the operation a clean bill of health after lengthy scientific reviews.

    The news that Che Rosli was silenced by his own party will embarrass both PAS and Pakatan Rakyat and confirms the Prime Minister's weekend claims that the opposition is playing politics over the Lynas plant.

    The Prime Minister said "the opposition parties will look for issues like this as capital to garner the support of the local community."

    "We would not have given an operating licence unless we were convinced that the local community can accept that the project is safe," he said.

    Che Rosli was publicly rebuked when he last year attacked those making uninformed comments about the Lynas plant but, up until now, he had not spoken about the internal party gag.

    He said at the height of the misinformation campaign the plant was being described as a nuclear reactor. It is actually no more than a chemical refining plant extracting rare elements used in television sets, mobile phones and even wind turbines.

    Last week a former professional activist from Melbourne brought a legal action in Malaysia aimed at stopping the Lynas plant from opening on schedule in mid-2012.

    A delay that would hurt revenues dearly, as the plant has the potential to earn RM5 billion per year.

  17. 197


    In the first place, Lynas was invited by Barisan Nasional government to build the plant in Malaysia. Lynas submitted a proposal to BN, and BN liked it. That's how the 12 years tax relief was then given to Lynas.

    Please check your facts before you start throwing empty accusation.

    Last but not least: on the very 1st day when Lyans proposed to build LAMP in Kuantan, where was Fuziah? Why didn't she say anything then? What's with all the fuss all of a sudden. Sorry, all your crap doesn't make any sense to me.

    May be you can suggest everyone in TOPSTOCK to move and stay next door to the LAMP plant? Your excuse is always the same. The second most famous excuse is "How about the waste?".

    Your answers are all here:;threadid=744556#p744642

  18. 10.7k

    Mate if you own a mobile phone and laptop I would get rid of them they will do you more harm than the Lynas plant

  19. 197

    Not only his mobile and laptops. The TV as well. Speaking of radiation do Malaysians know there is radiation from the Sun as well. I was born in Malaysia and I know how hot it is in Malaysia all year around. Mind you the country sits on the equatorial line. How come the so call Anti-Lynas group never protest at the government to get rid of the Sun too. After all too much Sun is fatal to humans as well. Haven't they heard of skin cancer? Funny huh?

  20. 4.4k

    Not only has the oppositions nuclear expert come out against the "stop lynas" people, now their court case was postponed due to not following procedure/s.

    Bit by bit the truth is being revealed and their credibility is falling apart......hacking the company website!

    IMO when they called Lynas the "The Devil" and that the company wants to "kill all Malaysians" it all went downhill fast for them and their BS.

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  21. 4.4k

    And now Mt Kellet has just agreed to its bond issue pending the due diligence it did.


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