1. 53

    Shareholders just need to learn from AVQ and ride the pumps like now, not get greedy and take profit along the way. All the rampers did this at AVQ and no doubt will continue to do on other stocks. Wouldn't be surprised if some are now jumping on MAR to do the same.

  2. 6.1k

    MAR will never Mine in the SI, the Country is corrupt ,and Malachite are just as bad.
    This mob have Mined share holders for over 20 years and have achieved nothing , have done over 40 CRS in this time and have delivered nothing ,they should be thrown off the ASX.
    I can remember a meeting with them about 6 years ago,when myself and 5 others offered to help when they pulled the rug on BCN.
    We asked was this company intending to become a dividend paying company once Lorena was operational.
    Answer was we will never be a dividend Company.
    They first advised SH that they had over 80 thousand ounces of Gold in the open cut ,this was eventually dwindled down to 30 thousand.
    To date they have not advised exactly what they are bringing out of the Mine.
    Their Chinese off take partners are ripping off share holders and sending Gold off shore.
    This company should be ,being investigated by ASIC.

  3. 53

    Meow, fiesty.

    Nothing wrong with SI, plenty of businesses operating successfully, you're just burnt by your experience from AVQ and unfortunately believe the anti-chinese rhetoric from Mr Mount.
    Bring on the delisting of AVQ and investigation of RM. Total scam

  4. 6.1k

    No actually ,AVQ were a. Disgrace.
    I was with MAR for 9 years they are a bigger Disgrace.
    As for the SI . They are a pack of Thieves. That sit on there Arses and bleed off Australian Tax payers.
    Share holders in MAR will regret being involved in this Company and the SI.
    As for the Nickel deposit ,it is laterite Nickel and sub standard at best.

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