1. 5.8k

    Could be time to watch again.

    Daily price volatilities caught my eye again.

    Patterson's and Kookynie leases won't set the world on fire but a little potential and volume this week is saying more will come.

    Will need a raising but might get a good push into it this time..... or alternatively finally flog overseas lease to committee bay resources.

    Worth a watch,little play only.

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  2. 5.8k

    Starting to show good signs of big pump pending.

    As is nearly all of good minnow sector.-turned hard since March lows.

    In vogue sector
    Recent raising oversubscribed.
    Drilling about to start.
    Big volume increases off a very low sp base.
    Limited reserve potential but with a few good hits it could really multibag next 6 months.

  3. 5.8k

    Like clockwork.

    Timing is everything.

    Huge vols 1st half hour of trade.

  4. 5.8k

    In what could be a start of a real trend change for the company the 1st wave has topped out this morning.

    Still that was a quick 450% quick stag profit for the ones that stumped up the $1.3m @ .002c/share just a couple weeks ago.

    Now where does it go and will it just dump out or will it really begin to wave?

    I think the latter.Alot of holders would of taken opp to trade it out after a long time in wilderness and with the big vols at .006-.008 there would be alot of new holders out there along with quite a few that traded the action for a pip or two who are now alert to the stock.

    My guess
    Wave 1 .002c-.009c
    Wave 2 .006c-1.3c
    Wave 3 .009c-1.8c.

    Should get enough news next few months...also needs gold to stay hold above 1680 for the excitement to continue further for speccies in the gold sector.

  5. 972

    It is similar to AUL, however AUL has half the market cap and a fully functioning processing plant.

  6. 5.8k

    Dreamin again Rocket.

    Then again big lesson for me here.

    Sold out way too early,didn't get back in.

    Was entitled to take up shares at.002 and didn't take it up.

    3 month 15 bagger from raising.

    Will prob end up a 25 bagger too..

    Move on Stretch.

    The only similarity here is AUL holders dream about this happening.

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  7. 391

    This stock has literally turned my life around... Firstly I sold out of ADV... then put a bit into GLA and they turned up nothing... then tried my hand at DRE and they failed to find anything really significant to date... so I cashed up everything I had and after a lot of research I put the whole lot into MCT at 0.005 @ 0.004 then took up my full quota of shares and options in recent raise and couldn’t be happier. Just felt like sharing this story here... GLTAH.
    It certainly pays to do your research.

  8. 5.8k

    Well done figgins.

    Hope you took some cream of the top whilst it was in the 4s.

  9. 5.8k

    Signs it's turning and 2.8 was bottom.

    Strong support there currently

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  10. 391

    I truly feel the wheels are just starting to turn.
    Jason Livingston is a brilliant geologist and a great bloke. Just talking to him you get a strong feel for the excitement that surrounds the 7 projects at Kookynie... Their partner Nex Metals just raised around 2.5m and there looking at the tailings at the old cosmopolitan mine which was at one point the largest gold mine in Australia.

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