1. 29.0k

    Yep and avq was a scam

  2. 2.5k

    still refreshing MED 10 times a day are you Saddo? Waiting for Joe the messiah to come and save you from your own stupidity?

    You’ve lost the lot.


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  3. 29.0k

    acgasco MD Gary Jeffery presentation Good Oil Conference 2018
    Listen around 7:53 about seismic

    The more I think about it the bigger it gets.

    Postulate this: CRC commenced drilling Tulianyo in Nov 22nd 2017 (6.3 Tcf structure)

    If Borba the Beast is as Garry Jeffery states“This is one of the most enormous pieces of seismic I’ve seen in the Sacramento Basin to date!”

    One could speculate that Borba the Beast is around or >6 Tcf

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