best opportunity in 25 years

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    yep and its going north enjoy

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    The post above that by 'sandune' was plagiarised from "tpf3891" on the HotCopper forum.

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    going north buy

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    Sandune......never has an original thought of his own.
    Just limited to 'copy and paste' and of course.....plagiarise.

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    going north buy

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    goose for the gander .009 then 1.2 go the gutnicks real mine real cashflow..

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    You play a good game after the whistles blown Sandy!!

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    North to Alaska go North the rush is on..... la la la laaaaaa🎹🎼🎼🎷🥁🎸🎻🎺

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    Good to see that this stock is still flying under the radar.
    It should get to 0.8c in the next day or two before people start waking up.

    They will ask "this was trading a few days ago at 0.5 & we could've bought as many as we wanted " !

    Good indicator is that there are less than 10 posters on Hot Copper.

    I am waiting for the 150-200 mill volume day which re-rate the stock and catapult it to above 1 cent, which will be in the not too distant future.

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    .009 then 1.2 my calls

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    The activity report doesnt say whether the new Rom is paid for?

    Also expected expenditure is 2m next qtr. Cash 670,000

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    and $ 3mill in diamond sales???

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    Farnese Blue diamond fetches $6.7m at Geneva auction
    16 May 2018
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    Image copyrightEPA
    Image caption
    The Farnese Blue diamond passed down through generations of royal families
    A rare blue diamond that has spent the past 300 years in Europe's royal houses has been sold at auction in Geneva for $6.7m (£5m).

    The Farnese Blue was given as a wedding present to Elizabeth Farnese, daughter of the Duke of Parma, when she married Philip V of Spain in 1715.

    It then passed down through the generations, moving from Spain to France, Italy and Austria.

    The 6.1 carat diamond comes from the famous Golconda mine of India.

    It sold after just four minutes of bidding at Sotheby's, easily passing the auction house's estimate of $3.5m-$5m.

    "We were expecting a good result but we started from $3.5m and we ended up with $6.7m, so we exceeded our expectation," said Sotheby's jewellery specialist, Daniela Mascetti.

    "Good jewels, well-designed, well-made, with a signature, with a perfect... slot in time, in age, do very well."

    According to the auctioneers' website, the pear-shaped diamond once formed part of a tiara owned by the ill-fated French Queen Marie Antoinette.

    The identity of the new owner has not been revealed.

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    Despite Diamond Sales...they will do a CR in July.

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    maybe maybe not .. i dont think so??? if they do will be very small gutnicks and regals fund are set and looking at 5 to 10 baggers..

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    Although above article is from 2006, it is fascinating reading and might give investors a BETTER understanding of the RISK/REWARD re-rating potential of Merlin Diamonds. In 2006 company MC was "a modest A$36 mill".

    Everything mentioned in above article is relevant TODAY but with many positive additions:

    - Estimated price of USD 350 @ ct.(not USD 140)
    - Established that the diamonds can be liberated from the host rock
    - We can easily recover sufficient fresh material from the pits & extract sufficient diamonds for sale to the market
    - We currently have double plant production with both XRT plant & DMS plant operational.
    - In the 2nd half of 2018, we will have the new scrubber from China & the new DMS plant from S. Africa.
    - We now know that there is potential for fancy coloured diamonds, blues, greens, pinks, yellows etc.
    - Much better technology to assist in discovering further kimberlite pipes
    - 2012 JORC resource of 28 million tonnes ! with plenty of upside potential !
    - Sufficient ore currently for 15 years+ production.

    Very probable that within 6 months, MED will be running TWO shifts doing a minimum of 80kt per month.
    Using ore from the Ywain, Gawain & Ector pits you could average 20cts+ per ht giving you 16,000 cts diamond production a month, approximately A$ 8 million sales revenue per month.

    Many non-believers & knockers out there. I don't blame you based on the info & lack of reporting from the company.

    This is ALL about to change. Stay tuned & watch this space.
    Zipp downside from the 0.5/0.6c level & HUGE upside potential.
    MC of a billion dollars (my guess 12-18 months from now) translates to a 30 cent+ share price. 50 BAGGER from here.

    Not a bad risk/reward punt !

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    one of the best cash flow stories coming on the mkt IMO

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    Diamond jewellery demand reaches all-time high
    May 18, 2018
    Global demand for diamond jewellery grew to US$82 billion this year. Photo ©
    Global demand for diamond jewellery grew to US$82 billion this year.
    Photo ©

    Consumer demand for diamond jewellery reached new heights in 2017, according to a recent release from De Beers Group. Globally, demand for diamond-based bling rose two per cent over 2016 to hit a record high of US$82 billion.

    One significant contributing factor to this increase was a four per cent rise in demand in the United States, which was driven in turn by the growing trend of self-purchasing. Of all diamond jewellery bought in the United States last year, 33 per cent was self-purchased.

    Thanks to factors including soaring consumer confidence, demand also grew by one per cent (in terms of U.S. dollars) in mainland China, the sector’s second-largest consumer market.

    According to De Beers, however, the most important factor in this increase was—of course—the jewellery itself.

    “While new designs and brand concepts played a key role in catching the consumer’s eye, it’s the timeless natural beauty, uniqueness, and enduring value of diamonds that continues to resonate with people when looking to celebrate life’s special moments,” said Bruce Cleaver, CEO of De Beers.

    Thanks to strengthened marketing efforts, economic prospects, and consumer sentiment, De Beers anticipates 2018 will be another strong year for diamond jewellery.

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