ROUGH diamond prices all time highs

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    Will it re list..ogx avq goneeeee

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    MED won’t relist

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    stx ka boommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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    It’s not MED though you loser

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    Northern Star snaps up explorer and flags Superpit interest
    Brad Thompson
    Brad Thompson
    Aug 27, 2019 — 1.05pm


    Mid-tier gold miner Northern Star Resources has agreed to pay up to $193 million to acquire explorer Echo Resources and says it will also weigh up a bid for Kalgoorlie's Superpit.

    Bill Beament-led Northern Star has also flagged reopening mothballed mines in its portfolio on the back of the soaring Australian dollar gold price.

    Northern Star is already Echo's largest shareholder with 21.7 per cent and said on Tuesday it had launched a cash offer of 33 cents a share for the remainder of the stock in a deal which values Echo at $242.6 million.

    The acquisition will remove a potential bottleneck to Northern Star increasing gold production by giving it ownership of the 1.8 million tonne a year Bronzewing processing plant and other infrastructure.

    The processing plant and Echo tenements covering some 1600 square kilometres sit in the Yandal gold belt about 400 kilometres north of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.

    Northern Star said the acquisition would allow it to evaluate Echo's Yandal gold project for exploration and development as well as opening the door to processing gold at the Bronzewing plant.


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    Won’t relist

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    Mining output will go down to 137,000 carats from the current level of 14.2 million carats

    The Argyle Pink Jubilee diamond
    Credit: Rio Tinto Diamonds
    The closure of Rio Tinto’s Argyle diamond mine, set to happen in late 2020, will reduce Australia’s rough diamond output by 99%. Mining output will go down to 137,000 carats from the current level of 14.2 million carats. This, according to a report published by English data and analytics company GlobalData as quoted by IDEX Online.

    Argyle underground power station
    Credit: Copyright © 2017 Rio Tinto

    GlobalData said that Australia’s supply of rough diamonds “has relied entirely on Argyle after the suspension of the Ellendale mine in 2015”. According to GlobalData senior mining analyst Vinneth Bajaj, the Western Australian Government, which has conducted rehabilitation work at the Ellendale mine, is seeking a new operator to re-start mining activities. In the short term, however, “there are no projects lined up that could replace even part of the output from the Argyle mine”, he added. In the longer term, several exploration activities are conducted in Western Australia, and a site near Ellendale – once a major source of fancy yellow diamonds – has demonstrated positive results.

    pink red diamonds argyle
    Credit: Rio Tinto

    Argyle grossed revenues of $259 million in 2018 – a 26% increase over 2017. Cash flow totaled $103.8 million – double than in 2017. The mine processed 10% more than 2017 but produced 18% less diamonds in 2018.

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    Sodiam: Demand for our rough is higher than the supply

    Lucapa rough diamonds Angola
    Credit: Lucapa
    Angola’s national diamond trading company Sodiam has announced the suspension of “proposals to buy rough diamonds because the demand is higher than the supply”, according to a report in Macauhub news service, quoted by IDEX Online.

    Luanda, Angola
    Credit: Anton_Ivanov

    The report adds that Sodiam said that it has “halted the submission of bids for its rough” and has “finalized purchasing agreements and sale contracts for diamonds mined by the company in the country for the coming two years”. Starting September, rough diamond auctions will still be open for companies that are interested in puchasing rough.

    big yellow diamond Angola
    Credit: Lucapa

    According to the report, Sodiam sold 1.5 million carats at an average price of $155.3 per carat between April and June, raking in gross revenues of $232.8 million. In the first quarter of 2019, Sodiam grossed revenues of $368.6 million from the sale of 2.647.000 carats of diamonds.

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    If MED was to re-list, how would the running of it change..?
    If Joe was still in control, why would he do anything different..?
    I hold shares and can't see a positive outcome unless a new board was to take control..

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    if and a big if MED relist it would of changed %100 on relist ..mine is good imo we will see..all hope not lost yet...imo

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    Gutnick warns against unity coalition, Otzma Yehudit.
    BY GIL HOFFMAN SEPTEMBER 8, 2019 21:22
    2 minute read.

    Rabbi who crowned Netanyahu endorses Yamina
    Controversial Australian mining entreprenuer Joseph Gutnick reacts to questions after a speech to the Australia Israel Chamber of Commerce in Sydney, June 25. Gutnick, an orthodox Jew criticised for his funding of new settlements in Hebron, later hit back at former Israeli Primer Minister Shimon Per. (photo credit: REUTERS)

    Australian mining tycoon and Chabad rabbi Joseph Gutnick, who is credited with helping Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu get elected the first time in 1996, endorsed Yamina over Likud on Sunday.

    Gutnick made a fortune from taking Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson’s advice to mine diamonds in Australia’s Northern Territory. He helped Netanyahu come from behind to defeat heavily favored incumbent Shimon Peres in the May 1996 election thanks to the “Netanyahu: Good for the Jews” campaign he funded.

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    Moshe Ya'alon: Blue and White will not enter coalition led by Netanyahu
    Likud blames Liberman for cameras bill falling

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    But in a phone interview from Melbourne, Gutnick said he was worried that Netanyahu could form a national unity government, and said voting for Ayelet Shaked’s party was the best way to stop it.

    “Yamina is a right-wing party, and if you want to ensure that there will be a right-wing government, Yamina needs 13 or 14 seats,” Gutnick said. “If Netanyahu’s right-wing bloc doesn’t win 61 seats, Netanyahu would form a unity government. He won’t get 61 if Yamina doesn’t get enough votes.”

    Gutnick warned Netanyahu that forming a unity government would “destroy his right-wing legacy.” He expressed concern that Netanyahu would want the Blue and White party in his coalition in order to advance US President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan.

    In a correspondence with Schneerson in 1990, the rebbe appointed Gutnick as his emissary for ensuring that the Land of Israel remains whole. He told Gutnick to stay in touch with Israeli politicians to prevent the formation of a Palestinian state, and Gutnick became close to prime ministers Yitzhak Shamir and Netanyahu.

    Gutnick surprised many when he endorsed Shaked to be the next prime minister last year and revealed that he was helping her politically and financially. But he said then and still says now that he hopes Netanyahu remains prime minister.

    Netanyahu prevented Shaked from entering Likud, which Gutnick said she needed to do to become prime minister. He said he was upset about Netanyahu’s repeated attacks on her and Yamina during the current campaign.

    “Criticizing Shaked is senseless, totally irrational, destructive to Likud and shooting himself in the foot,” Gutnick said. “Netanyahu’s family, which has endured so many attacks, should know attacking a lady is not right. If they have differences of opinion, it shouldn’t be expressed in such a hateful manner.”

    Gutnick also warned against the Otzma Yehudit party running in the September 17 election. He said the party failing to cross the threshold and losing tens of thousands of votes “could lead to disaster.”

    “It would be outrageous for anyone to vote for them because it could lead to a unity government, which could lead to a Palestinian state,” he said. “That would be a danger for Jews in Israel and the whole world.”

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    The new collection includes 64 lots and weighs a total of 211.21 carats

    pink red diamonds australia
    Credit: Rio Tinto
    Rio Tinto has launched the “Argyle Pink Everlastings™ Collection” – a new collection of rare pink diamonds from its Argyle diamond mine in the east Kimberley region of Western Australia. The closure of Rio Tinto’s Argyle diamond mine is set to happen in late 2020.

    argyle pink diamonds
    Credit: Rio Tinto

    The new collection includes 64 lots and weighs a total of 211.21 carats – representing just 2% “of the Argyle pink diamond annual production”, according to the miner. According to Jewellery historian Vivienne Becker, quoted in a press release, the collection represents “one of the last offerings of its kind from the Argyle mine […]”. Rio Tinto Copper & Diamonds vice president of sales and marketing Alan Chirgwin added: “The accumulation of these diamonds from a certifiable source in various shapes, sizes and colours is the result of a painstaking endeavour, unlikely to be ever repeated”.

    pink diamonds everlastings collection
    Credit: Rio Tinto

    The Argyle Pink Everlastings™ Collection will be tendered alongside the annual Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender in Perth, Singapore, London and New York with bids closing on October 9 2019.

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    PROVISIONAL LIQUIDATOR APPOINTED... hope a plan b ?...provisional liquidator is a half step..but not good in the small caps..

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    You sad, deluded, clueless flog. You’ve lost every fucking cent you dumb cunt.

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    The best investment on the stock market, haha

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    145 At this point in time, it is a matter of speculation as to what steps, if any, shareholders or noteholders may take following the appointment of a provisional liquidator. There is always the prospect of discussions and negotiations between the shareholders, noteholders and ASIC as to the future governance of Merlin.

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    may survive on the rumor mill?? good luck

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    Denial is a terrible thing. Seek help.

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    re birth coming$$$$$$$$ lets see ???imo

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