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    https://www.meteoric.com.au/media/ (bottom one)
    As Tunks says about that poor response to the recent great results: The market is what the market is.
    I'm out at a small loss because one should never argue with the market.
    Cut your losses short and let your profits run is the way to go.
    It seems there could more downside to come after that marvelous run up from 0.007c.

    Cycles show January is a good month to be in gold but that would apply mainly to bullion, not spec gold stocks.
    Stocks are thinly traded over January so that's another reason to be out of specs IMO

    Going by that link, it seems Feb or March could be a time to consider getting back in.
    Seems like there won't be much news about results in the meantime.

    Anyway good luck to you if you want to stay invested.

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    Huge - Since buying at a fairly high level near 0.047 and selling at .030 I was just checking on the "timing" now that MEI is at .037. You being a gun trader and guru that is.

    Or perhaps your knowledge and advice is limited to MNS and the Dow?

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    "Since buying at a fairly high level near 0.047 and selling at .030"

    Listen scumbag, do not expect me to answer you when you know as well as I do that you lie and twist things, take things out of context and would not know what the truth is if it jumped up and bit you on the arse.

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    Huge, but Huge, you posted when you sold and said you took a loss - all I'm asking is why you sold at the bottom. You always have plenty of advice on other threads and how to trade so I was just trying to get some advice Huge.

    Huge, there's no need to be rude.

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    Is Huge not answering this question. And here you are offering advice on other stocks for people to lose their money on. Shame on you. Can’t troll. Can’t call.

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    I'm waiting for him to steal a chart from across the road, he's good at that.

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    I reckon you should patent something like this. It make your hero Wyckoff look like a learner.

    The one and only Cabollinger Bands.

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    Just answer the question Limp Biscuit. How did you get it so wrong?

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    Huge is getting upset and confused even further - he's posting stolen MNS charts in the MEI thread. Can someone ring the bell for Matron?

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    Huge - old fella. Why are you hi-jacking the MNS thread with your screeching and crying? This is the MEI thread old buddy, come on over.

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    I am here now Cabbie/nnoel.
    Have a look at how MEI is going.
    Did I do the right thing by getting out at that SMALL loss I mentioned when I made this thread or should I have argued with the market and stayed in?

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