Aurora Tank – Significant Gold Intersected

  1. 2.0k

    nice add this to you gold watchlist ;)

    Marmota is delighted to announce that the September drilling program at Goshawk Prospect at
    Aurora Tank has returned multiple significant gold intersections, all close to the surface.
    Highlights include:

    • 15 intersections greater than 1 g/t gold including:
     4m at 8.0 g/t gold from 24m – Hole 16AT043
     4m at 3.7 g/t gold from 24m – Hole 16AT044
     4m at 4.9 g/t gold from 32m – Hole 16AT061 (16m @1.8 g/t gold from 24m)
     4m at 3.9 g/t gold from 20m – Hole 16AT062
     4m at 3.3 g/t gold from 36m – Hole 16AT028
     4m at 3.1 g/t gold from 24m – Hole 16AT019 ( 8m @ 2.3 g/t gold from 20m)

    • Significant gold over 750m strike length [ see Fig. 1 ]
    • Consistently close to surface
    • New mineralisation intersected, including at eastern and western extremities of
    previously known zone

  2. 6.7k

    wow thats some rich gold hits for MEU

    MEU has a $7m mcap 1.6c .

  3. 2.0k

    should break 3.4c today. This moves quick this stock.

  4. 164

    Seriously the market doesn't believe anything this company announces these days, after recent debacles

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  5. 2.8k

    Mailman I agree in what you say. I was around in 2013 when the shares if I recall rocketed to around .30 Then after they found dirt it plumeted. But I must say the management team have changed the Dr draws a one dollar salary. Sooner or latter they will hit something of significance. They results announced yesterday were ok. But the next follow up results will paint a clearer picture. Day traders were all over this yesterday and were burnt...p

  6. 1.5k

    One for the watchlist for sure.
    Thanks Tulip

    When the "Market" reacts on distrust issues, only results will prove it wrong, like it does, every other day of the week.IMO

    Has there ever been a better Time to Each Way some Gold Specs???
    Especially one that can move as fast as this one.

    Can anyone tell me when the follow up results are due?

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  7. 164

    Sgt Shultz, I would avoid MEU at all costs. You have been warned

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  8. 1.5k

    Why Mailman?
    i have read your posts here, and It looks like you got burnt, but why such an abrupt warning like that?

    Sounds like your still hurting..?

  9. 164

    I suggest you check the history of this company.

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  10. 1.5k

    Can you help me out there?
    I am a bit short on time at the moment.

    I always look for myself, but that will have to be tonight or tomorrow.

  11. 164

    Everyone knows about this company and the fleecing of shareholders

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  12. 1.5k

    Full of helpful information Mailman1..!

    But if that's all you can do, then that's all you can do, I suppose.
    So, thanks for heads up, even if it's in the form that it is......

    I will check later, Thanks.

    What happened to your "just check ASIC" comment, did you remove it before I had a chance to reply?

    I see you put up another one, just now.
    Um, I am not aware , which is why I asked you...
    Your evasiveness is worrying me, a bit.

  13. 164

    Let me put it this way - they are like their Older brother MOX and just keep flicking over to the next hot commodity without ever actually finding anything.


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  14. 1.5k

    Oh, I see.
    They are not a "sure thing" then, is that what you are trying to say?
    I wonder how many Spec Explorers are, a sure thing?
    At 1.8c, I don't think any one should expect too much. It's very easy to look back, for the sure things, but not so easy picking one @ the price range that it is in, to do so , will only cause a hole in the wallet, and put you in a very bad mood for years.

    Seems there has been a lot of punters lately looking for guarantees, albeit at the speccy end of the market.

    Are your expectations in check?
    not very useful, not to me any way, unless you explain why?
    But thanks for trying :)

    I will have a look at ASIC tonight, but it would be great if you could save me the time.

  15. 164

    I don't want to talk about this company any more. I'm over and out.


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  16. 2.0k

    Here comes the gold army ;) hold your hats

  17. 2.0k

    Here we go! sails out ;)

  18. 2.0k

    Here we go ;) hold on

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