1. 324

    Oh Pilots you are a goose. I am saying I could have your name, home address and your phone number if I really wanted to. All within 24 hours.

  2. 14.8k

    You like MNS ramp team, ALL talk,talk,talk, post the last three numbers of my phone and I will close my TS account, now let’s see how good your info is, so far your team thinks I am Americaian, named Thomas, but to show HOW smart you lot are you only have to look at the dog stock you are ramping.
    Let’s see my last three phone noumbers.

  3. 324

    Pilots all it would take is a visit to an alarm store in Perth. Your mate would give you up after a friendly chat. Trolls turning on trolls. You gotta love it.

  4. 14.8k

    If it’s SO easy let’s see my last three noumbers, you cannot, you are the same as all the other rampers, talk,talk,talk, buy the way Max doesn’t have a store in Perth.

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