Kodak Cell Assembly Center opens at Eastman Business Park

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    Kodak Cell Assembly Center opens at Eastman Business Park
    By: Nicole Sheldon August 29, 2017

    Empire State Development announced today the opening of the Kodak Cell Assembly Center at Eastman Business Park.
    “Opening the Kodak Cell Assembly Center will improve the success rate of energy storage companies,” said Dolores Kruchten, president of Eastman Business Park and Corporate Real Estate, in a statement. “The cooperative relationship we have built for energy storage, with Kodak Coating Services, the new Kodak Cell Assembly Center and DNV-GL and NY-BEST with the BEST Test and Commercialization Center is a game-changer for development and innovation. We make it possible to do coating, assembly, and testing all in one location for the first time.”
    The Finger Lakes Forward Upstate Revitalization Initiative grant has provided $1.2 million of the $5.9 million total cost for developing the center.
    In collaboration with the New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium, the center is projected to create nine jobs by 2019. According to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, the energy storage industry has reported 30 percent job growth since 2013. Furthermore, the annual global revenues for the state’s energy storage increased by 50 percent to $906 million from 2012 to 2015.
    “New York is already at the forefront of driving innovation and commercialization in the energy storage industry,” said Alicia Barton, president and CEO of NYSERDA, in a statement. “The new Kodak Cell Assembly Center builds on this momentum and will accelerate our ability to meet Governor Cuomo’s nation-leading clean energy goals with technologies that are made in New York.”
    The center is part of three core processes for energy storage manufacturing, and it will provide coating, assembly and testing all in one place. The Center will have two multi-user batter cell assembly lines, providing premier services to the battery and energy storage industry. This addition allows for design and development from small to large projects.
    “The Kodak Cell Assembly Center further establishes New York State, and the Finger Lakes in particular, as a world-class hub for the energy storage technology industry,” said Howard Zemsky, CEO and commissioner of ESD. “The partnership with NY-BEST will help to provide valuable resources to the companies, researchers and entrepreneurs working to innovate and improve energy storage and advanced battery technologies.”

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    Here is some background about MNS's and the consortium involvement from May - seem things are moving along nicely at the Kodak park - about time people joined the dots - All current shareholders will have plenty of Kodak moments posing for photos etc when this takes off shortly !!
    Do you research join the dots.
    This is huge !!!


    Battery Development at Eastman Business Park Key to Kodak’s Role in Consortium’s International Project
    May 1, 2017

    Battery Pouch
    Group of industry innovators investigating battery manufacturing plant to help power Australian city.
    Rochester, N.Y. (May 2, 2017) - Recently, Eastman Kodak Company joined a global consortium of energy storage industry leaders to support advancement of lithium-ion batteries. Last week, that consortium announced a memorandum of understanding with the Townsville City Council in Australia to investigate the viability of building a 15GWh battery manufacturing plant there. Through its work at Eastman Business Park, Kodak will provide coated anode and cathode electrodes and cell manufacturing.

    “The goal of the consortium is to ignite innovation in the lithium-ion battery arena, and we aim to lead by example through the work done at Eastman Business Park,” President of Eastman Business Park and Corporate Real Estate Dolores Kruchten said. “With projects like this, our manufacturing expertise in energy storage is on display. Each success strengthens the industry; as it grows, so can we.”

    Energy storage is growing at Eastman Business Park. This July, the Park will celebrate the grand opening of a new battery cell assembly facility that will add new capability to the existing Kodak Pilot Commercialization Center. The new facility will complement the existing electrode development and manufacturing capabilities to provide a full set of resources for energy storage inventors, entrepreneurs and commercial developers to advance their technology while mitigating financial risk.

    “We’re putting ourselves in position to lead the way to efficiently develop and manufacture new battery technology at a time when everything from businesses to municipalities are craving new energy storage solutions,” said Kodak’s Dan Ocorr. “The work that will be done at the new Kodak Pilot Commercialization Center will not only result in innovative energy storage solutions, but also be a blueprint for manufacturing best practices.”

    The consortium is led by Boston Energy and Innovation (BEI), C4V Incorporated (located in Binghamton, NY), C&D Assembly Incorporated (Groton, NY), and Magnis Resources Sydney.

    Once up and running, the facility would produce either 250,000 car batteries per annum (up to 400kms range) or one million home battery units or support 300 microgrids to power small towns.

    About Eastman Business Park

    Eastman Business Park is a 1,200-acre R&D and manufacturing campus with over 16 million square feet of multi-scale manufacturing, distribution, lab and office space. There are currently almost 100 companies onsite employing over 6,000 people, many of them responsible for the development of our nation’s next generation technologies in the areas of Energy Storage, Chemical Manufacturing, Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing and Photonics. Additionally, the Park’s immense manufacturing infrastructure—including the private utilities and onsite water and wastewater management system—is a competitive advantage for its high-use tenants, especially in the Food and Agriculture industry. For more information, go to www.eastmanbusinesspark.com.

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    Hi Fellow MNS Lovers,

    Why are the idiot F#$ktard trolls not on this thread? Ah thats right, it looks and smells like real stuff happening, with real innovation backed by real organisations and State Govt's with money...

    Ah thats right this is where MNS made real batteries for customers to test........

    Keep trying troll losers....

    Love Always and forever 1973 xoxoxoxoxoxo

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    When are we getting a battery 1973 for sale? Not a word. You are getting played once again. Mns are the masters of spin and not doing anything. Production by 2016. Common

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    Adds you sure do spend a lot of time trying to save these very wealthy individuals, have you ever thought you could do something valuable with your altruistic time and plant some trees or help the homeless.

    Like this is your life and this is how you choose to live it?

    I really do feel sorry for you...like I feel sick in my stomach do you have a wife and kids?.

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    Yer got a wife and kids. Thanks for feeling sorry for me. I spend to much time on mns. Don't know why? there all peasants on here

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    You treat your family like shit, you should be ashamed of yourself..

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    If I bought mns at the top of the cycle your right I should be ashamed of myself. Fancy losing my family capital on a company like mns, who are all spin and no substance. Lucky I'm not gullible. My family is lucky to have me to guide them through the Stockmarket and not pick stocks that fall by 60%

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    Fellow MNS Lovers,

    Here we go again.... Another genius f$%kin troll adds04 talking about if he bought MNS at the top of the cycle he would have lost some of his family's capital. Like no F$#king kidding adds04.

    Guess what dickhead troll, that would play out the same for any stock. It is so easy to make out how smart you are after the fact. Let's say a stock like Telstra which more mum and dad investors own than any other in Australia. So 12 months ago Telstra was trading in the $5.40 - $5.20 range but closed at $3.60 yesterday. Do we see you dickhead trolls on the TLS thread? Why not? You could help so many more people, you know the real mum and dad investors you keep trying to protect here.

    You are stupid f#$kin trolls and it is that simple. Zero credibility. I could apply the same logic and say what a genius I am for buying 1c MNS options. Go troll the TLS thread troll bitches if you are serious about saving the world..

    Love Always & Forever 1973 xoxoxoxoxoxo

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    Adds the majority of holders who post here are the ones who bought most of their stock under 25 cents. Some top up a bit higher like me but only a few percent from what be bought initially.

    It seems like most of the ones who bought at the top are the ones who sold at the lows before TH and have created multiple accounts to post garbage on MNS just to make themselves feel better.

    60 cents. Tick tock. You will be getting lots of family time soon.

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    Fuzzy mns is going back under 25 cents.

    As for tls, yes I agree it's not a good stock to own at the moment. It is however better than mns because tls give out dividends. So over time you will make up the loses with dividends

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    What happens when the cash is finished fuzzy, where are is mns getting it from. Battery factories, banks, or shareholders

    1973, tls gets its cash from selling products and making a profit, no need to find cash all the time. For tls it's about what to do with its cash, dividends or grow the business

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    Nice finish 45 cents - loving the news flow - buyers coming back in full force - starting to join the dots

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    A great finish indeed Mr Eldridge and Mr Cobb.

    It seems Magnis has a vision greater than you two self absorbed and self serving muppets could ever dream.

    Nice finish all MNS Holders.

    Fundamentals are KING

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    Must be a 7 figure day for you Matt?
    You won't be able to sleep tonight!!

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    How much you down this yr Matt, must have lost 8 figures

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    Sellers drying up. With good news this thing is going to fly

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    Add there still time for u to buy in mate. It's not too late, ur going to mis the boat

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