Major Battery Advancements!!

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    He was the great hope of mns. Sadly he left also.

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    How did mns get to a market cap of $300m.

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    ###Considered Top 2 safest batteries tested by NY State Fire Department & Con Edison. Magnis battery cells tested safer than Tesla-NMC battery storage packs

    Let's look at this one. It was done by an external authority (not c4v or MNS) so it should be reputable.
    The batteries.
    NCM 1: LG Chem
    NCM 2HE and NCM 2HP: Samsung SDI
    NCM 3: Kokam (donated by Sunverge)
    NCM 4: Electrovaya
    LFP 1: BYD
    LFP 2: XO Genesis
    T 1: Toshiba
    BM-LMP: C4V
    VR 1: UET
    PBA 1: EnerSys

    The major thing to note is that all the batteries except the c4v one are commercialy available and in production. Why are c4v in there? Why is a lab level non commercial experimental battery in there with off the shelf items?
    All the others were bought or given by commercial organisations. The c4v one came from a lab.
    The study may be valid wrt the commercial batteries but the inclusion of a "one off" from c4v negates its value. You can't buy a c4v battery at your local hardware store or from a supplier. They are one offs.
    For this test c4v could make a one off battery designed for low power but low combustability. Enclosed by some special shell? How would you know? The others come from a shop.
    Any investigator/scientist would immediately discount the inclusion of c4v in this test. More interesting is the question of how they got into this study at all.###

    Most interesting, YES I know, I sort of nicked it from over the road.

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    I agree with that.

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    No updates on the cricket or anything..?

    Where is everyone..??

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    The lull before the storm?

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    ###Where is everyone..??###

    Ramp teams/burnt holders, always disappear when they KNOW its all over, like I have posted many times, I will still be here when this dogs days are over, and the rampers will be away with a new nick trying to suck in some other new punters.

    I note ""NO"" update on the NY finance, now they told us that all most a ""YEAR AGO"" it would be dunn and dusted in 50 days, just hope if they do give us a update on NY they include the giga good news about what has happened to all the second had junk they are now the proud owners of.

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    still here numnuts!!

    i just choose not to reply :)

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    Yes Boots, just like all them rampers at CDU that was going to sue me, they all so choose not to reply now.

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    I'm going to sue you pilots for recommending me not to buy anything. I might have to live in a caravan soon too

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    No point of suing me, as Anne has posted here many times that I live in a caravan.

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