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    LOL, I see the dream team over the road still believe that Townsvill is alive, LOL, wonder who would finance a company to build a GIGA factory on a flood plane.

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    ###Wow, within days of this post, a mere coincidence that Shailesh's name was removed from the website. I find it absurd that MNS come out with an announcement that they are talking to a green investment fund about funding, leading us to believe (imo) that it was an external organisation, when in reality, it is simply misleading imo when the green energy fund they may be referring to about getting funding, was just another frustrated start-up by Shailesh called greenchargeventures. Yep, his name is no longer listed on the website, I wonder why!!###

    Most interesting post, would you not agree.

  3. 745


    tell ur mate noaads..aka another copy cat... find out when the website was created...lol... and then tell him maybe
    to call shalesh rather than speculate...lol... maybe his name was put there without his knowledge?

    tell him thanks for the research anyway...

  4. 993

    Boots, its YOU that should talk to Shalesh, he is MOST interesting to talk to.

  5. 745

    ive spoken to on many occasions... who do you think alerted him to the article..LOL...

    no pee off, that is enough shit talk i can take for the day :)

  6. 993

    ###ive spoken to on many occasions.###
    You ARE NOT the only one to have spoken to him(that is IF you have).

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