1. 14.7k

    ###The prototype Solid State Battery demonstrated in New York has volumetric capacities of 380Wh/kg and 700 Wh/L which is expected to increase to 400Wh/kg and 750 Wh/L through optimisation over the coming months prior to production for commercial availability by Q2 2019.###

    Bit like the 50day finance out of NY, Hmmmmmm.

    By the way, note how the trolls ARE still here, come on ramp team, what's going on??? got cold feet have we, like I said I WILL be still here when this dog is 2/3 cents you lot will ALL disappeared with a new nick.

  2. 14.7k

    Would like to be in NY when they fire up all the GIGA second hand GIGA gear, going to be some VERY embarrassed faces that day.

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