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    On the move to $1

  2. 681

    MYX is in a strong bullish trend confirmed by multiple indicators. Specifically, a 5-day moving average of the stock price is above the 50-day moving average. Additionally, both the 200 and 20-day moving averages are trending higher.

  3. 70.3k

    MAYNE PHARMA GROUP (MYX) up 4c to 77.5c: Boosted sales 230pc to $45m in the first four months of the year, driven largely by the acquisition of Metrics and a strong rebound in the performance of Doryx.

    courtesy of Bell Direct



  4. 4.7k

    Mayne Pharma Group (MYX) getting noticed/some coverage as Lazard (substantial holder 07/07/20) tops up with $6.5M worth of shares over recent week's.


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  5. 5.8k

    Lovely to see a post on here actually giving a bit of news on a stock other than the three that clog the threads here daily.

    After a couple of un rewarding patents and medicines/trials etc seems they maybe on a turnaround winner here for the long term.

    Just needs a couple years of increasing sales now and should again get rerrated and start trading on forward sales again.

    Might start watching it for a long termer for the mrs...investment that is.. no need for the pill anymore.

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  6. 4.7k

    MYX - Very nice strong finish of 44.5c +3.49% (it's day high!) and more importantly, finally closing above it's 200 dma (of 43.2c) so onwards and upwards from here.

    1 yr chart shows a big "open gap" b/w 50-55c that sooner or later should get filled imo dyor

    Cheers tela :)

  7. 4.7k

    MYX appears to be in a "medium-term rally" confirmed by multiple indicators. Most importantly, the 5-day moving average is above both the 20 and 50-day moving averages.

    Furthermore, it bounced off it's 200dma critical support level yesterday in sp closing just above it.

  8. 4.7k

    Great to see MYX sp passing above the 200MA. Could use some big funds being interested at entering at these price levels. Load up and wait imo. Golden cross in sight!! Nice strong green candle today! DYOR

    360 buyers for 8,808,887 units vs 244 sellers for 5,214,403 units

  9. 4.7k

    After re-test/holding 40c strong support level yesterday.. MYX jumped +7.41% this morning
    (pending positive "news flow" anticipated over the coming week's/month's methinks)
    dyor cheers tela

  10. 4.7k

    Promising bullish candle on today's close @42.5c

    Chart shaping up for a 'potential move higher' this week methinks



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