Travel suspension between Papua New Guinea and Australia

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    Newcrest Mining Limited (ASX, TSX, PNGX: NCM) is currently assessing the implications of the two-week travel
    suspension announced by the Australian Government between Papua New Guinea and Australia.
    Newcrest is working closely with the Australian Government to better understand details of the travel suspension and
    to determine and mitigate any potential impacts.
    The Lihir operation is currently undergoing a planned maintenance shutdown and is in the process of progressively
    starting up. There is currently no anticipated interruption to gold production arising as a result of the travel suspension.
    As always, the health and safety of Newcrest’s people and the local community is of primary concern. A small number
    of COVID-19 cases amongst the workforce are currently being managed by Newcrest at Lihir, with patients remaining
    in quarantine where they are being monitored and supported by our medical staff until they are free of the virus.
    Strict hygiene, social distancing and other COVID-19 management protocols remain in place at Lihir with
    comprehensive testing, quarantine and precautionary contact tracing procedures enforced. Lihir has a dedicated
    isolation camp and separate isolation and treatment facility where care and support can be provided.
    Further updates will be provided through the COVID-19 page on the Newcrest website and the market will be kept
    informed of any material impacts in line with Newcrest’s continuous disclosure obligations.

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    Unfortunately, miners are in a challenging position in that case. Strict restrictions of Covid impose them to stay isolated in the Lihr camp and far from home. Governments should provide daily information about safety measurements for work traveling purposes. I feel it is easier to travel in Eastern Europe during a pandemic. There's like no ban. I have a friend there who says that you could falsify essential documents and travel anywhere you want because of corruption. She did her planning itinerary with and traveled to Europe without problems. Poor miners that work hard and do not have free access to their families!

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