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    Sydney, NSW – NSX Limited (ASX:NSX), (“the Company”), is pleased to provide its Activities
    Report and ASX Appendix 4C Cashflow Statement for the period ended 31 March 2021 (3Q21).
    Group Cash Flow Activities Report
    • Cash at the end of the quarter was $2.7 million, following a net cash outflow of $1 million as part of
    continuing operations.
    • During the quarter $0.2 million in cash receipts were received from customers. The cash receipts
    in the March quarter were in line with the December quarter but down $0.2 million on the previous
    corresponding period (pcp), the Company receives most of its annual revenue (on as cash basis)
    in the September quarter.
    • Cash payments for administration costs for the period are $0.3 million down $0.4 million on the
    previous quarter and down $0.5 million on the pcp. This decrease is due to the timing of payments.
    • Cash payments to staff, corporate and the board for the period were $0.5 million with no change
    on the previous quarter or the pcp.
    • In February 2021, due to the introduction of the Trade Acceptance Service (TAS) in November
    2020, NSXA resigned its General Settlement Participant status with ASX and ASX returned the
    performance Bond of $500,000 which can be used for working capital purposes.
    Quarterly Business Activities Report
    NSX Limited Activities
    • The Company continues with its activities concerning the ClearPay joint venture.
    • Directors being related parties of the Company, for the purposes of this report, were paid
    remuneration in the amount of $92k during the March quarter. No other related party payments
    were made.
    • The Company appointed Professor Graeme Samuel AC to the Board of NSX Limited on 27
    April 20211 and will appoint Professor Samuel to the Board of NSXA once ASIC’s no-objection has
    been received.
    NSXA Activities
    • The activities of the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, National Stock Exchange of Australia
    (“NSXA”), involved business as usual processing of new admission applications and market
    operations. During the quarter period from January 2021 to March 2021, NSXA admitted 1
    new participant – Ord Minnett.
    • NSXA resigned its General Settlement Participant status with ASX after the introduction of the
    Trade Acceptance (TAS) service. All clearing and settlement is now conducted via TAS.
    • NSXA has updated its Admissions Guidance to provide more detail to prospective applicants.
    NSXA is in the process of revising its practice notes which provide clarity to listed issuers
    concerning the interpretation and operation of the rules. A program of educational webinar
    sessions for Nominated Advisers has been held.
    • The ClearPay Delivery VS Payment platform (under construction by ISX (formerly Probanx)) is
    based upon digital ledger technology and incorporates the Digital Exchange Subregister System
    (DESS) as a core sub-system. ClearPay and the NSXA are preparing regulatory submissions for
    ClearPay’s licensing requirements.
    • Continues to engage with prospective issuers for fast-track, compliance, direct entry and IPO’s.
    1 Refer to NSX’s announcements to ASX on 27 April 2021.
    29 April 2021
    ASX Market
    Announcements Office
    ASX Limited
    20 Bridge St,
    SYDNEY NSW 2000
    The NSXA continues to position itself as the venture and emerging companies exchange, creating
    a clear differentiation from other Australian markets. The NSXA:
    • Has updated admissions guidance on Direct Entry, Compliance and Capital Raising listings2
    ; and
    • Has commenced regulatory engagement to extend its product suite to include Exchange Traded
    Products (ETP’s)
    Authorised by the Board of Directors

    courtesy of Bell Direct


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