1300SMILES partners with YWAM to provide Dental Training

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    1300SMILES Ltd is proud to announce that they will be providing Certificate III in Dental
    Assisting HTL350155 in partnership with YWAM Medical Ships (RTO Rego. No 30614).
    Dr Daryl Holmes OBE, Managing Director of 1300SMILES said that this was a fantastic and very
    strategic opportunity for both organisations.
    “We have been providing dental services for more than 25 years in North Queensland and from
    locations around the country. We are looking forward to adding value and capacity in the dental
    sector through training.” said Dr Holmes.
    “We love YWAM’s history with young people and their quality training programs which focus on
    skills development and competency while also contributing to the development of the person –
    their character and values. We believe this is so important, especially for today’s youth.”
    Students (Trainees) will also have the option of undertaking some of their training on board the
    MV YWAM PNG, Townsville’s Training and Medical Ship which focuses on helping to build
    healthy villages in rural and remote Papua New Guinea (PNG).
    Dr Holmes, who has visited PNG many times, providing dental services to many, and training for
    the local health care workers, said the experience is unparalleled. “It definitely gives you an
    opportunity to really put your skills to work in a totally different environment. It also shows you
    how important and valuable each person is. It teaches you things a classroom or even a clinic
    here in Australia simply cannot.”
    YWAM Managing Director, Mr Ken Mulligan OAM, OBE, said he was very excited about the
    program as well and said that the plan is to deliver the training in PNG to help bolster the health
    workforce there as well.
    “We have up to 240 young Papua New Guineans volunteering on our ship every year. We know
    that training and future job opportunities is a really critical part of creating and maintaining
    healthy villages.”
    Registration for the course is now open and applications can be submitted to

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    ( i hold ONT )

    interesting but probably not a game changer

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    That's nice to hear. I love that this industry is evolving with such significant steps. I was looking for an excellent dental clinic in my area because I struggled to find an exceptional dental clinic since I've moved to my new house. Before moving, I used the services of thehttps://www.bridgedentalsmiles.co.uk/treatments/tooth-whitening/dental clinic. Still, if someone could recommend me a good clinic, I would be grateful. Just feel free to text me. I will appreciate any help you can provide.

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    I'm so glad that 1300SMILES is partnering with YWAM to provide dental training! When I was in dental school, I had a patient who came in for a cleaning, and she was so nervous. I did my best to make her feel comfortable and at ease, but she was still really nervous. When I was done cleaning, she told me that she was so grateful that I had taken the time to help her and that she would never forget me. It turned out that the things I learned about communication with patients at Doctor Gross's practicehttps://jeffreygrossdds.com/services/implant-dentistry-lake-county-ohio/turned out to be handy. It made me feel good knowing I had made a difference in someone's life.

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    I never realised how someone could be so passionate in the area of dentistry. Such a beautiful heart.

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