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    Unfortunately, this stock is going nowhere!
    Bad news for holders .
    High cost- to many restrictions and time consuming.
    Plenty of other better investment opportunities.

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    big consolidation 2.1 to 2.4////

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    a pulse after agm a good sitter

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    PAT-DX1 to be Showcased at International DDR Inhibitor Summit
    Melbourne, Australia, 20 January 2020: Patrys Limited (ASX:PAB, “Patrys” or the “Company”), a
    therapeutic antibody development company, is pleased to announce the upcoming presentation of
    scientific data regarding its lead candidate, PAT-DX1, at the PARP & DNA Damage Response (DDR)
    Inhibitors Summit in Boston, USA.
    Key highlights
    • Dr. James Hansen from the Yale School of Medicine will present PAT-DX1 pre-clinical data at the
    PARP & DDR Inhibitors Summit in Boston, USA
    • The PARP & DDR Summit includes presentations from global pharmaceutical companies
    including Merck, Bayer and Astra Zeneca
    • The presentation highlights the potential applications of PAT-DX1 as a single agent, a sensitising
    agent for DNA-damaging therapies, and as a delivery vehicle for linked nanocarriers and drugs
    Dr. James Hansen from the Yale School of Medicine will present at the PARP & DDR Inhibitors Summit
    at 2pm (EST) on Thursday, 30 January 2020. Ms. Suzy Jones, Patrys Non-Executive Director, will also
    be attending the summit. Ms. Jones has an extensive network and more than 20 years’ experience in
    business development and executing licensing transactions globally.
    Dr. Hansen’s presentation, titled “Targeting the DDR with a Nuclear-Penetrating Anti-DNA
    Autoantibody”, will highlight the clinical potential of Patrys’ lead candidate, PAT-DX1. Dr. Hansen’s
    presentation will demonstrate how PAT-DX1 preferentially localises to tumours, crosses the blood
    brain barrier, binds to DNA and inhibits the DDR and why it is synthetically lethal to DDR-deficient
    cancer cells. The summit will also provide an opportunity to showcase the potential application of
    PAT-DX1 as a single agent against DDR-deficient tumours, as a sensitising agent for DNA-damaging
    therapies and as a nanoparticle conjugation agent (PAT-DX1-NP) to enable targeted delivery of
    therapeutics to improve patient outcomes.
    The summit will gather the global pioneers of DDR inhibitor development and explore PARP inhibitor
    development, combination strategy and use in expanded indications to optimise future DDR therapy.
    The summit examines emerging and innovative approaches which target the DDR agnostically, to build
    a picture of the future DDR therapy landscape.
    Patrys Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Dr. James Campbell said: “The summit
    represents an important opportunity to showcase PAT-DX1’s unique mechanism of action, ability to
    cross the blood brain barrier and considerable promise as a potential anti-cancer therapeutic to an
    audience of global industry leaders. The growing international recognition of our technology reflects
    the leading position that Patrys and Yale are establishing in the DDR therapeutics space.”

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    soundslike a good time to get in

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    adding a few today..been smashed

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    Some love returning, or just a one night stand ?

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    just when not if ?

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