Is anybody tracking PERILYA LIMITED???

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    Hi guys ... i am tracking it since few months and in falling markets also it is showing good strength.. I feel in the coming days it may further show good strength...

    Any more Views.....

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    very bullish..

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    Yeah Been Wathing Them Since They Bought Broken Hill Mine ( 2002 Roughly)

    Typical Mine , Makes Lots of Money( 100mil prof Couple of years in a row , 06 , 07 FY,s)

    Spends Lots of Money Too

    Dont Know Much About Other Projects Outside of Broken Hill

    Typical Mine Management as Well , Tighten up when they have to( 400 Employee layoff in 08)

    Starting to make Money Again Now( latest 80 mil Prof) But Shell Heaps of Cash out to Contractors

    Zinc & Lead Prices What drives this Mob imo

    They Like Around 2.5K a Ton

    Stay in Business to around 1.5K Ton

    Roll in it Above 3K a Ton

    Gotta Take Aussie Dollar in to Account now though

    Looking Good a Couple of Months Back , Then Japan took a Crap!

    Fundamentaly Nothing Changed, Actually had a Reserve Upgrade

    imo they come good again a trade around $2( year or 2)

    They have got Plenty of Dirt

    Broken Hill Region Probably one of Biggest Mineralisations on the Planet

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    Interesting stock this PEM

    1 year chart looks great for a growth stock

    Current 0.66-0.67

    did very well in 2006 (over $5 at high) and then BOOM!! WIPE OUT!!! hit low of 12c in 2009 since then steady climb up over 300% to date

    Analysts from Commsec say "Strong Buy" 90days straight

    Any takers???

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    Ready to Fly in next couple oy years.

    I,m in & have been accumulating , taking up offers ,topping up around 60c level

    Fair chance SP gets back to $2-$3 range if lead & Zinc keep getting stronger

    Lots of Smiles in Broken Hill at Moment

    Lots of Development from Perilya & Other Mines

    Lots of Drilling Contractors in Town Again

    Lots of Mining Servive Contractors in Town ( Red Path , Macmahons )

    Lots of Dirt

    Lots of History to say here we go again



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    Good stuff,

    Do you know the the resource figures for these mines? Mine life so to speak??

    I'm looking into it but not hard enough to find anything useful :roll:

    Also any clues as to how their doiing OS?

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    Only Know Whats Going on in Broken Hill

    NBHC MINE 10-15 years to go at current resource levels.( confident at least this many years,)

    POTOSI/SILVER PEAK: 18 month development starting Now(redpath)Fairly Exciting This, Very Rich Ore Body Here, Getting into Old mine workings,Reports of Lots of Silver Many years ago.

    Very Very Rich in Lead too.

    Once this one in Production ( Perilya to Produce), 4-5 Years

    Lots of Exploration Going on all the Time , The resouce figues could change dramatically in 2 years

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    cheers 10banger

    Ill have a closer look at this one.

    Any chartists wanna have a looksy??

    Lev, CM??

    short term predictions please~~ :P

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    I owned PEM for 6 months in 2005: 30% profit, from 70c to $1, which wasn't bad - although I should have held it, because it did this:Image and video hosting by TinyPicThey sold the Daisy Milano mine to SLR, in order to focus on base metals, in 2007. Of course, the TSHTF shortly afterwards and they almost went broke, while SLR rode the wave of ever higher gold prices and rejuvenated the previous PEM gold assets into one of Australia's most successful mid-tier gold companies. I owned SLR too, in 2009 except I sold out way too soon - bought 37c, sold 69.5c. SLR did this:Image and video hosting by TinyPicTo paraphrase a lot of investors over the years: the key is to ruthlessly stomp on your losses (everyone makes mistakes, after all), but to let your profits run! [That is, of course, sometimes easier said than done.]

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    Thinking of buying in again are you

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    So TW, what do you recon??

    Back up up and away~~~~~!!


    Dooms day~~~~~~......

    66-67c buy in good value?? or bad investing??

    PS. TSHTF todays rating is 97.69%!!


  12. 8.3k

    So TW, what do you recon??

    Back up up and away~~~~~!!


    Mate, I honestly couldn't offer any sort of informed opinion, because I haven't seriously examined them for a couple of years.

    Fundamentals to guide your buy decision, then technicals to decide whether your decision is appropriately timed. I haven't examined either, but saw the thread and it reminded me of a couple of things which I kind of did right in the past, but which I should have done a lot "righter".

    As to an exit point when you've picked a trade or investment correctly - that's the hardest bit.

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    Very well,

    If you get around to it for another go, let us know

    Im more of a "Believer" than an analyst, so I'll put PEM as a "BUY" Medium(6month) to Long(2years) term,

    If trend continues (bullish),

    3month target 80-85c

    6month target $1.00-1.20

    My entry 58-66c

    *****this post is not intended as advise for anyone to follow, Im not a market expert and I am not in a position to make such judgements for others

    Dont ask how I get the numbers, Im not telling*****


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    GF how are you, I have done some extensive work on PEM's chart. W@e seem to be in a consolidation phase, a rectangle pattern. Unfortunetly these patterns can both reverse and continue current trends, we need a break unfortunetly to depict direction. ATM my analysis tells me we are sitting, if I was to number it, 55% to continue trend-45% to reverse. I also agree with your price extensions and rough time frames. 87 cents represents a strong Gann resistance level which has been used quite a few times over it's history. But perhaps the 75,76cnt level will produce it's first hurdle. A break, run and weekly close above the 68 level will make me more confident. Till then I shall remain patient, it helps to preserve my capital. :lol: If this does go there's a long way to the top, no need to rush for a few cents, I save that emotion for my penny stocks account,good thing I have a limit on that one :roll:

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    Well Gone Fishing we have broken from the consolidation rectangle and held, moving on up in a bearish market. One would have to be happy there definitely represents strength IMO. :D

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    Seems Overseas going Well Also

    ASX Release Today

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    Good time to get in??

  18. 866

    Im in, 61c bought today.

    Lets see how it pans out over the next 3-6month


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    Gonna come good , Things Rockin in the Hill

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