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    PEM is well managed. It is hedged against a dollar over 83 cents. It is also hedged against falling lead prices. It is a mining stock that has active mines and is not just speculative. It is diversified with zinc lead and silver. The recent report makes a very good December quarter look very likely. China and India continue growing and demand is strong for lead. PEM also is in good financial health and has good exploration results.

    (* While I do not hold this stock, my partner does.}

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    AMP has upped its stake to 5%. Wonder if PEM is as much a takeover targt as it is looking to expand.

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    Lead prices and stockpiles are still making this share look very good buying. Especially at these prices.

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    Looks like they've been stockpiling lead in their zepelin lol. Quite a run down lately.

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