Perilya unloads onerous silver hedge

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    Matt Chambers | July 17, 2009

    Article from: The Australian

    BROKEN Hill zinc and lead miner Perilya has removed a millstone around its neck -- a bad silver hedge -- through a $US55 million ($69m) payment to US miner Coeur D'Alene.,,25792677-5005200,00.html?from=public_rss

  2. 4.4k

    Anyone know about this stock?? Very bullish chart....

  3. 1.5k

    Yes kags, I just checked the sp on my lst PEM post :roll:

    A pity I didn't buy in.

    The 2 year chart is incredible if you believe PEM can get back there.

    Nice to see my tip came good :cool:

    Know little about the stock, however chart action: lots of gaps and oddly not many get filled (lower).

  4. 4.4k

    if it makes a new yearly high il jump on....volume is up...

  5. 1.5k

    It just made a new yearly high and closed at a new high despite slight pull-back today.

  6. 4.4k

    i see PEM was trading over $5 at some stage last year.... any1 know what caused it to drop so low because silver sure didnt crash.

  7. 8.3k

    That'd be the lead (and zinc) balloon.

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