PME signs A$10M – 7 year contract with Munich based Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU Klinikum)

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    15 October 2020
    • PME signs 7-year, A$10M deal with LMU Klinikum
    • LMU Klinikum is one of the largest university hospitals in Germany.
    • Visage technology to be deployed throughout LMU Klinikum’s imaging departments
    replacing systems from legacy vendors
    • Extends PME’s footprint in the European hospital segment
    Leading health imaging company Pro Medicus Limited [ASX: PME] today announced its whollyowned German subsidiary, Visage Imaging GmbH, has signed a 7-year A$10million contract with
    Munich based Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU Klinikum) one of the largest university
    hospitals in Europe.
    The contract will see the company’s Visage 7 technology implemented across all LMU Klinikum’s
    radiology and subspecialty imaging departments replacing existing legacy PACS systems with a
    single centralized instance of the Visage 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform. Visage is also used in the
    hospital’s state of the art operating theatre suite for HD video documentation and point-of-care
    Ultrasound archival and viewing.
    LMU Faculty of Medicine is the largest medical training institution in southern Germany and
    regarded as one of the top academic hospitals in Europe.
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    The implementation is scheduled to commence in December 2020.
    “We look forward to taking our partnership with Visage to the next level as we implement their
    technology across our radiology department,” said Dr Kurt Kruber, CIO of LMU Klinikum. “The
    Visage platform provides a highly scalable and reliable platform combined with sophisticated
    clinical features that will support us in both day-to-day patient care and advanced research.”
    “We are very excited about this project,” said Dr Malte Westerhoff, Managing Director of Visage
    Imaging GmbH. “LMU Klinikum is a thought leader in making a digital strategy a core principle of
    their operations. We are confident that our technology and expertise can make a significant
    contribution to helping LMU Klinikum further enhance efficiency and achieve better patient
    “Traditionally, large European teaching hospitals like LMU Klinikum have standardised on IT
    platforms from large, multinational imaging equipment (modality) vendors making this a difficult
    market to penetrate.” said Dr Hupert. “So this is a very significant milestone for us in this highly
    competitive market.”
    Authorised by the Board of Pro Medicus Limited.

    courtesy of Bell Direct



    i hold PME ( 'free-carried ' )

    let's see if the market over-reacts over this ( as it often does )

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