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    go pnn $$$$$$$$$$$

  2. 4.1k

    $1 party coming$$ dyor

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    boom boom ...go pnn

  4. 4.1k

    cheap added today dyor...

  5. 4.1k

    bull bull chart imo

  6. 4.1k

    Chart playing out perfectly.

    Low volume selling and a nice flag forming.

    I topped up again today at 41.5c and have more orders waiting below!!

    Remember they have 4 Projects under their belt:


    MC only $17m compared to ADN at $635m

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    $1 coming////first 75 ish dyor

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    only a matter of when..dyor

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    chart is winding up...dyor

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    falling bullish wedge dyor.. great 4 project play...

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    good falling bull wedge 1st april egm should be news dyor

  12. 4.1k

    double bottom falling bull wedge buy imo

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    'd be very surprised to see it much under .3 if at all from here on in. The week's will pass soon enough.

    The bet? If it can prove up even a quarter of what ADN has, then there's 10 bags plus on current SP potential. ADN MC $700+M
    PNN MC $13M.

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    adding..looks cheap dyor

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    big buy ...dyor

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    Kaolin is one of those minerals that is used in everyday life but is consistently overlooked, unlike higher profile mining products such as rare earths, lithium and gold.

    Yet, a closer look at what it is used for shows how indispensable kaolin actually is.

    Paper, rubber, paint, ceramics, fibreglass, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals are just some notable examples with about 5kg of kaolin used in the manufacture of each car.

    According to Grand View Research, the kaolin market is expected to climb from $US4.76bn in 2019 to $US6.3bn by 2027 with current supply impacted by environmental constraints and the exhaustion of premium production in the UK and US.

    PepinNini Minerals (ASX-PNN) is one of the new entrants into the kaolin scene with managing director Rebecca Holland-Kennedy telling Stock-head that the company had been looking for a suitable project for some time.

    She noted that its recent acquisition of Hillside Minerals and its kaolin clay tenements in South Australia was sparked by the market interest in Kaolin, or potentially the higher grade halloysite product, which could command a premium price while remaining simple to explore for.

    “The market for halloysite is increasing as uses are defined. So we see potential for growth and with relatively simple exploration and processing and the location in South Australia a project that complements our lithium project,” Holland-Kennedy added.

    “We would be looking at the HPA sector as halloysite is a feedstock for HPA manufacture.”

    The two Hillside licences directly adjoin Andromeda’s tenements and cover 1,129sqkm with recorded occurrences of kaolin clay.

    Upcoming work includes regional interpretation, reconnaissance work and mapping, geophysics and drilling.

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  18. 4.1k

    cheap as chips..imo

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