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    gift imo

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    lithium sleeper look at lel spin out from srk...PNN dirt cheap imo

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    cheap as chips

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  4. 196

    how long is that cash going to last?

    any key dates moving forward?

  5. 4.1k

    plenty on the go plenty of cash to move forward imo

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    i am voting for new board..cheap as chips under right management

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    ADN released a huge announcement where they are going to be making $50mil in their first year of production and up to $120mil in their second year of production all secured by BOA. The Hillside tenements which PNN has acquired are right next to The Great White project. You only have to look at the Julimar region at the moment where nearology is making price double or triple over night just by what is happening in the area.

    ADN has a MC of over 450mil with 2.1 billion shares on the register

    PNN has a MC 14 mil with 44 million shares on issue.

    Even if PNN resource is 30% of ADNs its market cap would be 135mil or 10 x where it is currently

    if you said it was only 10% of ADNs resource its 45mil MC or close to 4x where it is today but when compared its and tiny amount of shares. ADN so far has had over 21mil shares change hand so if PNN could show a resource similar the price will fly up as so little shares on issue.

    This doesn't take into account the lithium or the nickel projects either.

    With ADNs DFS coming out and more BOA being signed it will increase PNNs value significantly and in the lead up to the Extraordinary General Meeting I think more shares will be purchased on market by both sides to increase their change of success so 29 cents will be a distant memory in 3-4 weeks

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    Real tightness" in lithium hydroxide: CS

    Credit Suisse has warned that a shortage of lithium hydroxide could push the price of the commodity above its 2018 peak next year.
    “There are reports of real tightness in lithium hydroxide, particularly in China,” the Swiss investment bank's head of commodities research Matthew Hope, said at the CS Australian Energy Conference in Sydney, according to a report on Bloomberg.

    “It’s pretty clear that current operations and near-term supply is insufficient," he said.

    "It’s this imbalance which leads us to believe that there’s going to be another price peak as early as next year.”
    Mr Hope saw a potential imbalance of 250,000 tons of lithium carbonate-equivalent by 2025 and he calculated that about 15 new projects that aren’t yet approved, or in construction, will need to come into production in the next 3 years to balance the market.

    "It's a pretty tall order," he said.

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    a total gift imo always dyor

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