High Grade Drilling Results As Open Pit Mining Gets Underway

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    26 October 2016
    High Grade Drilling Results As Open Pit Mining Gets Underway

    Pantoro Limited (ASX:PNR) (Pantoro) is pleased to advise that open pit mining at Nicolsons is advancing well and in
    accordance with the mine schedule. Mining is underway at the Wagtail North and Rowdies pits with Wagtail South
    due to commence works early in November.

    Mining activities have exposed high grade ore in the Wagtail North Pit, and the first ore will be delivered to the
    ROM pad in line with the mining schedule before the end of October.

    The current plan which includes mining of a Probable Ore Reserve of 96,500 tonnes @ 5.55 g/t Au (as detailed in the Pantoro 2016 Annual Report released to the ASX on 23/9/2016), will see mining undertaken over a nine month timeframe.

    Open pit ore is planned to be blended with underground feed sources at Nicolsons for a period of 17 months, maximising ore availability and blending capability for the foreseeable future.

    Grade control drilling within the Wagtail North and South Pit designs has confirmed the presence of very high grade
    ore zones, with assays rivalling the outstanding results often encountered underground at Nicolsons mine.

    Results returned to date include:
    Wagtail South
    WSRC16039 – 5 m @ 28.4 g/t, including 3 m @ 45.6 g/t Au.
    WSRC16045 – 5 m @ 11.80 g/t, including 2 m @ 27.1 g/t Au.
    WSRC16046 – 5 m @ 23.8 g/t, including 3 m @ 38.7 g/t Au.
    WSRC16069 – 6 m @ 26.15 g/t, including 3 m @ 49.4 g/t Au.
    Wagtail North
    WNRC16024 – 5 m @ 10.70g/t, including 2 m @ 25 g/t Au.
    WNRC16025 – 3 m @ 21 g/t Au, including 2 m @ 30.8 g/t Au.
    WNRC16026 – 6 m @ 25.60 g/t, including 4 m @ 37.90 g/t Au.
    WNRC16027 – 7 m @ 22.20 g/t, including 4 m @ 37.6 g/t Au.
    WNRC16032 – 4 m @ 15.90 g/t Au.

    Commenting on the progress at Rowdies and Wagtail, Managing Director Paul Cmrlec said
    “Since obtaining final mining approvals for the open pits in September, Pantoro has rapidly engaged its open
    pit mining plan which will see substantial production benefits from November this year.

    While we expected some high grade ore to be encountered in the grade control programs,
    these drill results have again exceeded our expectations.

    We look forward with anticipation to further testing the depth extensions to these orebodies
    as we aim to define another underground mine similar to Nicolsons, for commencement following completion
    of the open pits.

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    Pantoro Ltd (ASX:PNR) discusses its Hall Creek Project


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    could be pushing new yearly highs of .24cents in 3 weeks..?

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    Worth a look here gold bulls.

    Hammered yesterday after av 1/4ly results at Halls Creek.

    Cash now and picked up ol Norseman mine with almost ready to restart plant and infrastructure, with program underway to dileanate extra reserves and fastback back into production.

    Fair-good potential.

    Good entry prices currently trading at good discount to recently completed raising at 20c.

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    Nice gap down trade closed off nicely this morning.

    Worth keeping a watch.

    Getting good daily s.p. volatility and volume lately.

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    Big watch.

    18-19.5c range trading atm but will bust 20c soon.

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    Nice come back for Pantoro over the past month.

    Break of longer term down trend line

    Reverse head and shoulders playing out.

    Finally signs of better times ahead for company.

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    Nice break of 24c previous 12 month high today.

    Made it look easy. Was resistance in 2017 and again last year before a fall back in March to sub 10s.

    Huge close.

    Test of all time highs in coming weeks.

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