18.5g per tonne! Announcement out

  1. 405

    Refer below for those that can't access it anywhere else.

    Market hasn't reacted yet even though announcement was marked sensitive. My reading of it is, yep, good timing, decent news --> keeps punters interested.

  2. 253

    Sounds promising - thanks for the speedy post EL.

  3. 3.1k

    Your slipping hopper, lass beat you to it.

  4. 1.2k

    I think that the announcement was really about the Victorian JV finding Gold next to Gold fields Leases in Victoria. There seems to be a lot of work going being carried out on all their Gold projects. Imagine if we get a large Gold find and a few TCF of Gas from the USA all at the same time..lol

  5. 253

    Yes that would suite to a T

  6. 3.1k

    And a bit of U308 too!!

  7. 803

    Gold, Gas & Uranium- Why cant they find a bit of Silver!!

    Com on Rodney !!!..

  8. 1.2k

    How about a vaccine for the Chook Flu?

  9. 2.5k

    LOL....no don't want that...in two days the flu will have mutated and the stock with plummet because the vaccine dosen't work...

    LOL...crazy idea hopper


  10. 1.2k

    They are sticking to Gold and Gas and thank God for that. These are the 2 hottest sectors and the price of both will be testing new highs soon enough.

    They have quite a few projects on the go and all are Gold and Energy plays. Can't go wrong in the medium term.

  11. 803

    Good point Hopper why didnt I think of that!!, we better have a chat with him next week after the spud & you buy us A BEER !!.

  12. 253

    So if they are spudding on the 15th (saturday) the result won't effect the market till next monday morning ? am I right in thinking this ?

  13. 1.2k

    I will say this.

    The Nahabedians took Escrowed Shares! Are they mad or are they going to make a killing? This one fact is a huge plus as these guys are Petro Geo Heads.

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