Are the Nerves Showing Yet?

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    Thought you still holding most of your BQT ?

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    See, there you go thinking that you know what I am holding. I might still have half of my BQT or all of them or none of them. The information that I received was for me, it was addressed to me and it said confidential. Sorry but I do not splurt "Confidential" information all over a public forum. The so called Confidential info was sent to a number of people and all that it said was that Monoco wanted BQT to remove the ASX notices. They already had done that so it was really top secret. Now you better go and blame the hundereds of BQT holders that sold you out as well.

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    We are all memeber here aren't we....of TopStocks...why so specific about a word???

    So you know what I mean about his confidential ramp....pull him in line then.


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    This is a typical response from somebody that lost money on a trade. Has to blame somebody else for their own actions. I find this type of attack pathetic!

    Halo, I am not your broker, I do not tell people to buy or sell stocks. If I was going to sell out of a stock do you realy think I would tell the World first? FFS grow up and pick your own stocks rather than follow other peoples speculative stock ramblings. If I put money on one of your tips and for whatever reason it went down in price who would I blame? The person in the mirror is the one that made the decision. I myself have lost thousands on buying the wrong stock and I can only blame myself. Please if you bought any PRE on the basis of my posts you best sell it at market ASAP as you will blame me if it is a duster right?

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    Hopper, got to say i agree with your last comment.

    I have bought some stocks recommended from fellow posters on this site and some haven't done so well.

    I think there are too many variables/other influences for every stock tip that experienced traders promote to be successful everytime. The info/views provided by some on this site is very informative, especially to those of us less experienced. But in the end it is the individual that has money to spend on the share market, have the ultimate responsibility for their actions.

    To everyone with valuable contributions, keep it coming.


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    Boys, let's all take a deep breath, breath-in, then out, breath-in, then out....

    I like a lot of passion in posts but we are turning this site into the other similar web forums which we don't want to do. I only post here because of the community that has been formed! Everyon'es friendly and intelligent!

    Friendly posts please. No-ones a dickhead!

    Hey, if it makes you feel any better.. I lost $40k on BQT over the last month. But I'm not upset because I made over that based on other tips I have gained form members of this site.

    I hope you all have a good day. Happy Trading.

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