1. 405

    Risky, PRE went down today and you were the only one on TopStocks to predict it.

    You Jinxed it! Now I've really had a terrible day. I hold plenty of these!

  2. 842

    i didn't jinx it =P

    i gave out a lil warning....

  3. 1.2k

    I am sitting on Near 4 million of these and I have to laugh at the short sighted market. It may go down but it may go up. It will go up imho.

  4. 842

    Jiff predicted it as well.... so not just me... i'm in good company

  5. 1.2k

    See the stock disappear at .06 ? Yes thankyou I will have that as well.

  6. 405

    You're unbelieveable Hopper. Where you get you line of credit from, I'd like to know!

  7. 1.2k

    Just from the sales of some business interests.

    I also hit the Mrs Bank Account, wait till she finds out...

  8. 253

    It'll finish the day at 6.3 I estimate :)

  9. 253

    and no that wasn't me purchasing !

  10. 1.2k

    Our mates from Tricom got a few on close.

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