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    Profit takers coming in, why not if you got in at 3-4c you could have quadrupled your money in 2 days. U.S. Investors are much more bio savvy than here. Case in point when they announced the acquisition of Immunotep and the potential of LAG-3 over C- Vac we went down on the news and Nasdaq went up. Goes to show we are way behind in our understanding of bios than the yanks are. We are back to and should stay around the 8c mark where we were before the less than ideal market update on Cvac PFS rather than OS data in October 2013.

    The release this week of the OS data will put Prima on the radar if not already for a partnering or licensing deal for Cvac. I also expect some encouraging announcements from the Immunotep side of thing in Q 3 & Q4. I think we will be 50c+ by years end

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    Hi Pee Jay, Thank you for reply,PRR has a good outlook , Hope it will be the case for patients and Investors.

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