Has PRR reached the bottom?

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    Hello all,

    Last week's top-of-the-line news release was a shocker. But given other immunotherapy companies had similar results offered me some hope. And I was further encouraged after reading the posts from edcole and mactrader (http://www.topstocks.com.au/stock_discussion_forum.php?action=show_thread&;threadid=1015071#p1015071)(http://www.topstocks.com.au/stock_discussion_forum.php?action=show_thread&;threadid=1015887#p1015887).

    I will be biased and bet that the sp will not go further down below $0.037.

    It's going to be interesting to see what the sp will be after the presentation by Dr. Goh.

    Buckle up!


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    Oops! And still falling...

    New 52 weeks low of $0.035 today. But I'm still long.

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    Good man, don't give in. I still see huge potential for this company. All you have to do is remember that Provenge got FDA approval on OS rather than PFS. Hoping my order in at 3.5c gets full filled today for a trade. Otherwise in for the long haul also :wink:

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    Stupidly I raised my standing order up from 0.037 to 0.040 today so now I'm in long after being patient about getting involved since the drop.

    Can anyone clarify what the upshot of the management presentation was? I haven't been able to find any details but assume it led to the drop.

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    The SP is picking up a bit today with healthy volume too. Wonder what is happening. Maybe it's reached the bottom already. :roll:

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