Its over !!!

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    Brevity !! Thanks for coming !!!! Now !! All get on over to msb . :lol:

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    one of ol' Lev's heavily ramped up stocks bust the dust

    anyone following US pharma stocks ?

    at 100 mio mkt cap this one still got far far to fall

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    Where is the great Lev, miss his input on Prima and other stocks.

    CVac was always an overall survival advantage, interesting to note that Provenge immune therapy failed PFS, only to get approved on Overall Survival (OS).

    Game & company is definitely not over :wink:

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    Medical results prove more than a trial by: Criterion From: The Australian September 20, 2013 12:00AM

    OH, joy! Clinical trials of Prima's CVac ovarian cancer therapy show the dendritic (immune-cell) product is well tolerated, with no serious adverse side-effects among the 63 patients enrolled to date. Trouble is, there was "no observable difference" between the CVac patients and the control group. Prima BioMed (PRR) 4cIn other words, CVac doesn't work: at least as measured by the chosen endpoints of "progression-free survival". But when you've spent the GDP of Burundi on a trial, you don't give up lightly.

    Further patient enrolments have been "postponed" (120 were targeted) and the Lucy Turnbull-chaired Prima intends to "engage" with regulators to change the endpoint to something like "overall survival". Prima reps last night weren't available to explain whether this means the standard explanation of how many patients remain alive five years after start of treatment.

    Prima shares yesterday halved after Wednesday's news, on extraordinary volume of 71 million shares. Sadly, Criterion gave the benefit of the doubt to Prima in October with a spec buy call at 12c.Maybe there's life in the Prima parrot yet, but overseas experience with similar technology is discouraging and trial delays usually mean more moolah is required. Sell. - See more at:

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