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    With the funding gained from the European government grants, the SPP and likely top-up from Directors and sophisticated investors, PRR now looks well positioned to fund the phase !!/III testing of CVAC and other product areas. and is now correctly identifying its target market and product/treatment positioning for CVAC in the remission/post operative stage of cervical cancer treatment.

    It already has substantial CVAC manufacturing capabilities and quality control procedures in place to support the existing clinical trials which is also critical in obtaining FDA approval. Although PRR's treatment regime is vastly cheaper than that of Dendreon's prostate cancer treatment which also attacks T-cells - as CVAC will be injectable and all doses required to treat each patient are produced at the same time and placed into vials and frozen until they are required. The Dendreon/Provenge approach was to do manufacturing in-house and requires review and remanufacture before each dose. PRR's solution is much less labour, time and cost intensive - I also understand that CVAC is being manufactured by third party manufactures as strictly controlled by PRR.

    Following from the phase II trials and interim CAN003 trial data that showed enhanced responses and disease free progression there seems little reason to believe the CANVAS Phase ii/III results will be substantially different - although they are yet to be seen. I believe that upon seeing successful results PRR will be in play as a target for the big Pharma companies because 1) It would give them access to CVAC which they could distribute via their existing doctor/hospital relationships and sales channels; 2) Give them access to the related immune response therapies - especially around mucin-1 type cancers.

    With the SP being so low and substantial potential upside now looks like a great time to get into PRR at bargain levels... the directors have supported via the SPP. Another factor is the the 2c options on offer could potentially pay off big time should PRR be acquired of if the SP runs up over the 20c strike price in the future - which would be highly likely once trials are done and approvals completed.

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    Sounds like it could be a the way people on here are usually only interested in commodity explorer nickel and dime pieces of dont expect much response...i was saying Ahz on here about a week ago no one listened cause there a bio aswell ...have you followed this stock for long anything you could tell me about would be great my brain is fried!

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    Yes I have been following for a few years. There was a lot of hype around this stock - mostly around a recent NASDAQ listing that wasn't well supported and resulted in the SP falling and as a result many of the shareholders sold out. With the new funding and as trial results come in there is some very good upside.

    I spent an hour with the new CEO (Matt Lehman) recently - he is a good guy and has experience in getting medications through FDA approvals. He really knows the science around it all as well. He was very generous with his time and keen to hear from shareholders. I believe the Company is now getting it story and market positioning straight which is very important for investors. Although Matt did not mention it specifically - For me the big play is the potential buy-out by a bigger player down the track which would be logically required to distribute the product across so many countries.

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    It's good to meet another loyal PRR shareholder. I have been following PRR for 2 years after making investments in MSB. I too have endured a loss on equity after investing at 24cents.

    I recall reading an announcement from PRR on an upcoming presentation at European Cancer Congress on CAN-003. I couldn't tell from the press release whether they were releasing new data or just reviewing the release of the results from October last year. Do you have any more information on this?

    Also, do you have an understanding when the next release of trial results are due?

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    Trading halt today. Something big is about to be announced...

    Any comment welcome. :roll:

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    All i can say is I'm glad I more than doubled my holdings this morning :wink:

  7. 348

    All I can say is I'm glad I more than doubled my holdings this morning :wink:

    Not quite sure what it will be but given recent volumes and movement it must be positive.

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    Yeah, but judging from the uptick both to the volume and to the sp on friday and early today, someone somewhere knew something way earlier than the rest of us. Unfair advantage :evil:

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    Leaky ship for sure, either way its good news broadens the scope of cancers.

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    If you look at the massive amount of options the Chairman of the Board and other directors purchased a few weeks ago it seems insiders think the price will rise substantially... the options have a 20c strike price in 2017...

    Hope you make big bucks on your pick up today Pee Jay

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    Huntsman, thanks for the words of encouragement. Its very rare to get any sort of encouragement between members here.

    Things definitely starting to heat up here exposure in the US is starting to catch on. 323227 ADR's traded on Nasdaq last night (equivalent to just over 9.5 mil shares).

    All in anticipation of the CAN 003 progress results on the 1st October.

    Where is Lev when you need him? :(

    Good luck holders

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