1. 52

    Has anyone any idea why PRU is trading in such narrow range with huge volume.
    PRU has released a statement that production will be below forecasted.
    One would expect the price to move significantly more up or down with this huge volume.
    Trading History below
    Date Open High Low Close Volume
    01/23/2017 0.43000 0.44000 0.42000 0.43000 2939753
    01/24/2017 0.44000 0.44500 0.43500 0.44500 4212350
    01/25/2017 0.44500 0.45500 0.43000 0.44500 3846946
    01/27/2017 0.39000 0.39500 0.34500 0.36000 21986758
    01/30/2017 0.35500 0.36000 0.33500 0.34500 10022890
    01/31/2017 0.34000 0.34500 0.33200 0.33500 7789652
    02/01/2017 0.34500 0.35000 0.34000 0.34500 5656301
    02/02/2017 0.34500 0.35000 0.33000 0.33500 8470657
    02/03/2017 0.33500 0.34000 0.31000 0.31000 20254784
    02/06/2017 0.31500 0.32500 0.30000 0.30500 15381153
    02/07/2017 0.31000 0.32000 0.30500 0.31000 14104537
    02/08/2017 0.31500 0.32500 0.30500 0.31000 15511781

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  2. 5.8k

    I'll answer you goldbug,coz I was reading up on a couple of goldies yesterday ,thought I better now that gold is again trading >US1200,incase it does stay above and run hard in coming months and happened to glance upon PRU's last 1/4ly.

    Without looking at PRU chart I remember it selling off to 29 and running to mid 40's about a week before you began tracking prices on above post.

    This is when it caught me eye and I thought interesting.....will keep an eye out for double bottom or a slightly higher low.
    It's slowly drifted down since and over the last couple of days vols have lifted and it seems to be forming a base around 30/30.5 with a slightly tradeable trading range just above.

    Generally as trading ranges tighten the boll bands follow and eventually buyers or sellers gain dominance and the stock will move hard one way or the other. Atm with the stock putting on a slightly higher low it's a sign that it will be a move north. Of course if it falls under 29 that theory goes out the window.

    Just imo but it does look a good punt at these levels. This was a former darling years ago when I was almost a gold permabull.Reading up 1/4ly yest and they produced under forecasts with higher then projected costs(also stated were improving now,so may show up in next 1/4ly) but my big points and reasoning into why their mc was so low were because of low head grade and also it's obvious that their current mine's profits won't fund their new mine they want to start producing in 2018 and they will need a raising and therefore further dilution to current holders is looking likely.

    Sounds negative but I do like em around 30c.

  3. 5.8k

    Time to watch closely.

    Fell thru 29c to hit new low yesterday when touched 27c but bounced back strongly this morning.

    30c resistance switching from the sell to the buy bid in last 15 and showing signs that it again could be becoming good support.

    I don't normally post or point out one to watch on 12 month lows but just feel if gold strengthens from low 12s here there could be some good profits for buyers around these levels in the next few months.

  4. 5.8k

    Nice vol and close on high to confirm 30c turned from resistance into support.

    Gold and goldies seemed to turn green in arvo. Look good for more tomorow.

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  5. 5.8k

    Has had a few tries at busting 30 now.

    Tightening trading ranges and bolls.

    27/28/29 last 3 short term lows.

    Gold price may play into its favour next couple of days and might not be many sub 30 trading days left in it imo😎

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  6. 5.8k

    Finally looks to have xed over to 30c support and getting a decent bounce today. Nice close should look good on daily and weekly.

    Support 30c
    Res1 32.5c
    Res2 35c.

    A rising gold price and break of us$1300 and it might even come next week.
    Nice close,market closed mon and nice gap up Tues morn (possible?).

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  7. 5.8k

    Weekly chart looking good.

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  8. 5.8k

    Right on testing break point near close on daily.

    Nice macd xing.

    Looking good

  9. 52

    PRU and GDXJ as a factor in current trend ?
    PRU and number of other Australian gold miner juniors are part of the GDXJ fund/index ( VanEck junior gold miners EFT )
    Recently some changes were announced to the index fund, best summarized by the following article:
    GDXJ's Epic Rebalance - It's Knife-Catching Time
    link: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-06-02/gdxjs-epic-rebalance-its-kinfe-catching-time
    The index re balancing should be finalized by 16 June 17. Reading the article it does not appear to be a significant change in their PRU holding.
    PRU chart also looks good, 10 MACD crossing 30 MACD and RSI approaching 60.

  10. 5.8k

    Nice strong close on good vols again today.

    35 resistance test coming.

    Breaks there and signs of "has bottomed" and "starting new trend" emerge. Breaks 40 and its confirmed.

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  11. 5.8k

    ?=could be coming.

    Gold price starting to gain some strength.

  12. 5.8k

    Van Eck appears to be selling right down/out.

    They were accumulating till mid Feb and peaked at tad over 140m of register. Thet have been trading the large price range and selling down heaps over past week and on this mornings ann are down to 80m.

    Bottomed 27,bounced to 34 and back to 31 now.

    Interesting to see if they sell out more soon or actually buy back stake if it retests sub 30 again. They haven't just been selling.

  13. 5.8k

    Has spent near on six months now switching from 30c resistance/support levels and basically trading within 3-4c band each side.

    Touched 28 last week and then quick push last hour of trade Friday back to 30. Spent Monday and Tuesday pretty much 30-30.5 range trading.

    Big boys(vaneck)have been playing the %es here lowering their exposure/av cost.

    Was a distinct drop off of vols mon/tues.Watch em pick up again on the push.

    We might have just about seen sub 30c for the last time.


  14. 5.8k

    Looking primed for a good day and i suspect that a strong break of 30 is finally on cards.

    Excellent turnaround value/upside and exposure to gold sector which just maybe about to find a fair bit of loving😆

  15. 5.8k

    Planets are aligning so speak.

    Daily looking good for test of 34/34.5c.

    Gold starting to look bullish.Break of 1270 looking imminent. Needs to make a new 12m high low 13s.

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  16. 5.8k

    Bloody thing is back home again at 30.

    So many times at this juncture.

    Which way from here for PRU and gold?

    Inkling of positivity appearing on hourly....daily not so.

  17. 52

    The market is a sum zero game when trading in a specific range.
    The average volume is about 4 million shares traded per day @30c that's $1.2 mil/day
    There must be a lot of traders being skinned and coming back for more - go and figure !!

    07/21/2017 0.28500 0.30000 0.28000 0.30000 8203252
    07/24/2017 0.30000 0.31000 0.29500 0.30000 7454107
    07/25/2017 0.30000 0.30500 0.29700 0.30000 1647781
    07/26/2017 0.29500 0.30000 0.29000 0.30000 3041862
    07/27/2017 0.30500 0.31000 0.30000 0.30500 4050750
    07/28/2017 0.30000 0.30500 0.29500 0.30500 2867399
    07/31/2017 0.30500 0.31500 0.30000 0.31500 5231608
    08/01/2017 0.31500 0.32000 0.31000 0.31500 4159095
    08/02/2017 0.31500 0.31700 0.31000 0.31000 1880447
    08/03/2017 0.31000 0.32000 0.30700 0.31000 6107664
    08/04/2017 0.31500 0.31500 0.30000 0.30000 2406021
    08/07/2017 0.30000 0.30200 0.29500 0.30000 3750809
    08/08/2017 0.30000 0.30200 0.29500 0.29500 2668944
    08/09/2017 0.29500 0.30500 0.29500 0.30000 1092698
    08/10/2017 0.31000 0.31500 0.30500 0.31000 4441103
    08/11/2017 0.31500 0.31700 0.30500 0.31000 4520335
    08/14/2017 0.31000 0.31000 0.29500 0.29500 4331680
    08/15/2017 0.29500 0.30000 0.29000 0.29500 2002334
    08/16/2017 0.29500 0.30000 0.29000 0.29500 1041480
    08/17/2017 0.30000 0.30500 0.29500 0.30000 3340637
    08/18/2017 0.30500 0.30700 0.29500 0.29500 4567268
    08/21/2017 0.30000 0.30500 0.29500 0.29500 2330985
    08/22/2017 0.30500 0.30500 0.29700 0.30000 3151377
    08/23/2017 0.30500 0.30500 0.2900 0.29500 5047530

  18. 5.8k

    Instos gave it a bit of a push today.

    Nice 32.5c close on a orchestrated 30c down close yesterday

    Finally breaks 29 to 31c trading range.

    Big watch next few weeks now.

    35,37,39,42 coming.

  19. 52

    Nice close but then so were most gold miners.

    If gold slips on Friday US time and uncertainty about Monday

    then anything goes with this stock.It sold off every time RSI reaches 60+ , and we are at RSI 64 now.

  20. 5.8k

    It will be different this time Gold bug.

    Last time PRU's RSI was in 60s, gold wasn't making new 12 month highs.

    If gold makes new highs tonight/monday and thru next week,expect RSI in the 70s(as it will with most decent gold stocks).

    The whole sector is starting to look like it did in 06/07.

    Even perrenial sector celler dwellers like MNM are rallying.

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  21. 5.8k

    Strong and testing 35c today.

    Will break just a matter of whether its this attempt or next.

    Those sub 30s are gone long gone.

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