1. 394

    Short term looks good. Bullish cross over in Stochastic oscillator and RSI stands at 71.8 with positive bias. On watch for clear above 0.35.

  2. 5.8k

    Looking good pre open today.

    Break of 35/35.5 on

    37/39/42 coming.

  3. 52

    Very interesting -5.5 million shares, single buyer at the close, yet it closed @0.345, 0.5c down from previous day.
    Was it VenEck for the Gold EFT's ?? , will know in the near future if there is a change in substantial holding.
    NK missile test over Japan's island effect ??
    Gold steady so far , BitCoin down to US$3230 from a high US$ 4550 3 week ago !!!!

  4. 5.8k

    Very interesting day.

    36c open on low vols,35 supported only 750k traded in first 4 hrs.
    Then a big shakeout taking out all buyers lined from 34.5 to 33 with 3 mill traded in just a few minutes.
    Buying depths returned at 33 and 33.5 shortly after and ranged up to 34.
    Then in preclose was 5m+ bid up at 35c and just before 10 past selling depth grew to close it at 34.5c

    Big boys playing games(van eck for sure).

    Higher lows,higher highs and games for now.

    Next low needs to be higher then 29

    Will break 37 onto 42,just a matter of when.

  5. 52

    Excerpt from Gold Forum Corporate Presentation September 2017

    • Covering brokers’ average valuations estimate NAV/share of A$0.59 vs share price of A$0.35
    • Shares are currently trading at a ~40% discount to broker’s NAV/share and even greater discount
    to intrinsic value/share.
    • Shares are clearly undervalued by the market given:
    - Since start of 2017, Edikan is has closely tracked production and cost forecasts giving confidence that Life of Mine
    -Cash flow forecasts are reasonable.
    - LOMPs for Edikan and Sissingué forecast combined after tax cash flows of ~US$545 million with an NPV10 of
    approximately A$0.55/share at US$1,200/ounce gold.
    - Preliminary results from Yaouré DFS conservatively value the Yaouré Gold Project at an additional A$0.25/share.
    - Funding of Perseus’s growth profile is not dependent on raising additional equity capital.

    Up 5% @ $0.39 today from previous day.


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  6. 5.8k

    Nice 1/4ly out.Edikan kicking on,Sissingue 77% complete.

    Technically looking good.
    Last 2 lows 32 and 34.
    Last 2 highs 38 and 39.

    34/36/35 Thur/Fri.

    Looking to push on now. Nice open and retest of highs by midweek imo. Looking for 39 break and test of 42.

    Come mid way thru 2018,provided they get sissingue up without issue,they will be back producing around 250k oz,so should be rerated and bag from here.

  7. 5.8k

    Gaining traction today and looking like breaking out of trading range. Been stuck predominantly between 32.5 and 33.5 last week.
    Break of 34 should see it retest 38/39 before Xmas.

  8. 5.8k

    Big boys are preparing it for a pop of 34 shortly.

    Trading range based.

    Last top 38/39.

    Let's try that for a start.

  9. 5.8k

    Made a higher low at 30.5c earlier in week.

    Another finishing strong today and building now for a retest and break of 34c imo.

  10. 5.8k

    Break of 34.👍

    Break of 38/39👍

    Next stop and test 42🔜

  11. 5.8k

    About to test 42c.

    Gets through and next stop 45/45.5.

    Through that and there's daylight.

    Should of backed up truck at 30.5,rather than buying a token holding. Profit is profit.

  12. 5.8k

    First ore going through sissingue.

    Got the break of 42.

    Onwards and upwards now.

  13. 5.8k

    Looking to become a 500koz/year producer next 18 months.

    2nd mine in production without a hitch.

    Brewing for a retest of 47.5c 12 month high.

    Won't be long....she will get through.

    60c a monty next two months.

  14. 394

    All MAs go green. Looking for breakout at 0.475 for a run up to 0.555. http://au.stoxline.com/q_au.php?symbol=pru&c=ax

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  15. 5.8k

    Good volume and good signs 39 was low of wave.

    Finishing day on highs...as are many goldies today(good sign gold is gunna continue and test recent 1360s highs)

    Should break straight through 44 and test 47.5c high again shortly.

    Target 1-51c
    Target 2-55c

  16. 5.8k

    Strong today,up 2.5c or 6.25%.

    Beating sector.

    Retest of 44 not far away imo.

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  17. 5.8k

    Retest and break of 44 is on today.



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  18. 52

    Unusual high volume sell order @16.00 on Friday 16 03 18.

    Single seller 15M share at 16.10 clearing time, but then other orders in millions

    came up preventing PRU from dropping more than 1c.

    WTF is going on ???

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  19. 5.8k

    New 12 month high.

    51c test coming.

    55 next stop if it breaks through 51.

    It will. Just a matter of when.

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  20. 5.8k

    New 12 month high today and break of last year's run.

    May of toppped for now at 63. Could see 55 retest in coming weeks but making good trend signals now and if gold continues up so will this

    Plans to open third mine. will need to raise in next few months imo but if gold goes crazy that will be easy.

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