Again US Natural Gas prices are up...

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    It was up another 28 cents last Friday. PSJEY also gained another $0.35 to $5.45.

    The above figures bode well for anyone holding PSA at the moment. It's been a long time coming IMHO.



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    what are your expections?

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    Hi Yeliz,

    If PSA manages to close above $1.45 next week then it could go back to $1.70 quite fast. If you read the company press releases they are saying that PSA is trading at 3 x forward earnings. That makes it cheap. Look at the Petsec website broker reports. They have $1.80 on PSA.

    I think the dark horse with this stock is the Moonshine project in the US.

    I would not be surprised to see NG take a breather next week as Friday's candle was a shooting star (bearish signal). This normally indicates a reversal BUT you'll notice from the chart that a rising window formed between Thursday and Friday. That's a bullish indicator and should act as a minor support area.



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