1. 69.9k

    25 May 2020

    QBE usually provides business interruption insurance as part of a broader policy covering
    property damage.
    Whilst the Group’s business interruption policies do not typically cover claims arising from
    COVID-19, in response to queries regarding potential business interruption claims relating to
    QBE’s UK based policyholders, QBE notes that reinsurance would limit the Group’s net UK
    business interruption claims cost to $75M 2
    Many businesses are facing an extremely concerning time at present and we are working
    closely with broker partners and agents to support our customers during this uncertain period.
    QBE looks forward to updating investors on our 1H20 performance in August.

    courtesy of Bell Direct


    ( DYoR )

    i hold QBE

    a sub $7 top-up opportunity perhaps , i am only buying small parcels , carefully carefully for me

  2. 5.7k

    Market took it as good news yesterday with a decent 5% bounce.

    Starting to look like nice rounded bottom too me. Still may retest lows again(but only imo) if negative pandemic court ruling in July-which should either put whole sector back in spin or get it bouncing back hard. I think the latter.

    Instos will get there 8.25 fill up well into the money shortly and a move to test underside of 9 before a consol around 8.70 looks to be on cards. 7.87 break yesterday first real good sign if has bottomed.


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  3. 5.7k

    Looking like the instos calling a stop right on raising point.

    Was prob then loading up 7teens-7.60s last week getting points set up for too and frowing till they are ready to push it through.

    Looking for a higher low on Fris 7.72 low now. Between there and 7.87 break great s/t and l/t re entry points imo.

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  4. 69.9k

    sadly i was waiting lower ( for some extras )

    but time has been a friend of the patient here

    i suspect when the virus is no longer headlines and the real economy is examined i will have my chance at a very low price

    the money-printing must slow down eventually

    maybe later this year , maybe next year who knows

  5. 5.7k

    Got a few more keepers 7.29 March low,pulled off a 7.26 good day trade 3 weeks back and added again at 7.53 2 weeks ago.

    Not varying off from original plan but a far cry from where I was sitting pretty at 15s few months back. Should matter little l/t,got av down to 8.8s now,can still see a good future

  6. 69.9k

    i added some @ $7.90 and was looking for some more lower

    but i certainly don't want so large a holding in this that it dominates my holdings .. while carrying cash risk

    i can wait and DRP and hold with modest concerns .. that is pretty good for a volatile share IMO

  7. 69.9k

    i last reduced at $13.51 in January 2020 and added @ $8.80 and $7.90 since

    if i could reliably do similar elsewhere i might dream about being a real trader

    but QBE is the only share that works like this for me

    i tried it with BPT and while BPT went on to become a multi-bagger for me , the trading plan has been a failure for me

    nice share but wrong strategy


  8. 5.7k

    I should of been doing it with STO..... got some long termers at sitting good way behind..... but it's had big price volatility this past 6 months and big bucks changed hands.

    Could of been a great range trader $7-$9-$2.70s-$5.50

    Can't av down on em all.

    Pulled off a miracle on a gold speccy this past week that I'd written off months ago.A tiny buy to add to what was an unmarketable parcel up until a couple days ago and two days later get out with nearly a bag full. Tiny amounts but still been a long time between drinks since pulling off the timing on a one or two day trade bagful.

  9. 69.9k

    nice to get a win .. good one

    a buy in KGN in January ( even if i could have handled it better ) is doing better than i expected in a virus world

    averaging down doesn't always work some just never recover or just plain fail

    it is certainly hard work working out which to average down on AND when you finally generate a paper profit when to exit ( like AMP for an example for me )

    good luck .. more turbulence to come IMO

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  10. 5.7k

    Big boys are pushing it through their 8.25 buy-in price today.

    Reckon 7.13 and 7.16 lows will definitely hold. Bottom is in.

    Back to 8.60-9.05 level over next week imo.

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  11. 69.9k

    i got some at a fair price , so can't complain

    but that is the nature of the stock , plenty of bumps

  12. 5.7k

    Heading for a nice close to finish week off nicely..

    Break of 9.05 looks like holding into close too.

    Must admit this caused me a couple months of heartache(still got court rulings to overcome) but nice to be back in black. Keep it going

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  13. 69.9k

    no heartaches here

    i read the anns and see if a price target will be hit ( buy or sell ) it's all the same to me

    if it drops i CONSIDER averaging down , if it rallies i CONSIDER taking some cash off the table

    again a truly BAD/GOOD ann. might make me change strategies but this is such a complex business you would have to devote half your life to analyzing it .on an ongoing basis

    the sad thing is this might never be a triple-bagger like MQG so i can remove my cash risk entirely and just let the profits run

    so my simple but clunky plan works well enough for me on THIS stock ( the plan has NOT worked for me on other stocks i have tried the plan with )

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