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    QANTM Intellectual Property Ltd (QANTM) is pleased to announce that it has reached agreement to
    acquire Cotters Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys, a Sydney-based intellectual property services
    business, for a total purchase consideration of $A6.3m (paid in both initial and deferred
    Cotters was founded in 2007, and has achieved sustained growth since its establishment, with its
    seven professional staff offering patent and trade mark advisory services to an established client
    base in Australia, and to direct clients and overseas associates in Asia and Europe.
    QANTM’s CEO, Craig Dower, stated: “We are delighted to welcome the Cotters team to the QANTM
    Group. The Cotters business is differentiated from our existing businesses in Australia – Davies
    Collison Cave and FPA Patent Attorneys – offering a fixed-price service model, and servicing a client
    base complementary to our existing practices. Cotters was founded just prior to the GFC, and
    survived and thrived through that difficult period. Cotters will be a positive addition to the QANTM
    Mr Dower added: “We are continuing to explore opportunities in the market, especially in Asia, and
    we also continue to see further opportunities in the Australian market. As outlined during our halfyear presentations, we are getting on with our technology transformation program which we believe
    will bring numerous benefits to our people and our clients over the next several years.”
    The transaction is expected to be EPS accretive to QANTM shareholders, and to complete later in
    May 2020. The purchase price will be paid in instalments over 2 years and with 35% paid by way
    of issue of QANTM shares, which will be escrowed until the second anniversary of completion.

    courtesy of Bell Direct

    ( DYOR )

    i do not hold this share , but have considered it from time to time , and maybe should do so again

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