1. 751

    Directors [3], have just doubled their own holdings today.They do not tend to waste their money unless there is a profit to be made.Plus interesting developments in the medical field .Again check things out for yourself.

  2. 1.2k

    It is always interesting when directors buy their own company. It is for either for 2 reasons. 1 they can see a upward move in the stock price, or 2 They are trying to prop up the stock from a sell off.

    I hope they luv their own company.

  3. 751

    Excellent comment.You obviously have more experience than I do. I shall keep an eye open for more of your postings. Regards Strudy.

  4. 1.2k

    I have a bit of experience, I have been burned by the market and also made huge gains from the market.

    There is one thing that will save every traders bacon and that is to buy stocks with good growth prospects and have an underlying funamental value that is related to the share price. They must also (if possible) be cash flow positive or getting near to acheiving positive cash flow. Always ignore it when they say "Revenues" as this is one of the biggest con artist tricks in the market. If you want my total unprofessional opinion on any stock just use the private message facillity. Most people that trade stocks are ok people, just be wary of the middle men.

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