dear o dear o dear o dear lepanic

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  1. 16.5k

    support crumbles for RIA whats going on ??? buy TTE for 1.8 gap fill good luck

  2. 4.8k

    you must of bought in recently. thats all i can think of.

  3. 16.5k

    yeah did buy TTE 1.2 & 1.3 ,,recently nice 1.8 gap fill coming..i hate these %100 oil bangers ote far pym yet to come .. i see PYM up %20??

  4. 6.5k

    Why is the chart looking so bearish ?

  5. 16.5k

    back to 15ish

  6. 4.8k

    700bopd????? where is 8000bopd with modern technology?

    DOGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! goodluck RIA in getting your 100mmcf and 8000bopd with 4 wells

  7. 16.5k

    back to 10 level..

  8. 16.5k

    10 break back to 6... dog o dog...

  9. 16.5k

    break of 10 back to all time lows... big oil plays high risk high rewards and big losses.. good luck

  10. 10.5k

    Was going to buy a couple of weeks agon, money ran short and so didn't bother, glad of that this could be a dud :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

  11. 6.5k

    downski downski just look at that chart !

  12. 4.8k

    Market cap $85m with $25m in cash.

    looking for a famrout deal.

    50m 2p reserves worth $60m? doesnt sound too bad.

    still waiting on ghana decision, if they get it, it could provide a pop.

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