Who are the promoters? I want to hire them.

  1. 1.2k

    These guys a good, I mean they are F$#@%g Good!

    These guys need a medal for being able to pump the stock price to these levels all based on Puntland Somalia Pie in the Sky.

    These guys are so Good I reckon they could float Davenet again but take it to $50.00 a share in a bear market.

    Who are these guys? These guys are the stock Gods.

  2. 5.3k

    they sure make frosty look like an amateur lol

    where the f**k is arsesick to check out the fake buy bids

    U bids now roflmao

  3. 1.4k

    Should make them write out 1000 lines on a Blackboard

    "We shall not be Crooks"

    "We Shall not be Crooks"

    etc etc etc

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