1. 52

    Up 20% today $1.99
    Syama Drilling Results
    Deep high grade intercepts at Syama
    confirm major extension

    Further broad, high grade intercepts returned from the ongoing deep drilling program at Resolute’s Syama Gold
    Mine in Mali have identified a major extension to the Syama orebody.

    Significant results include:
    SYDD432 62m @ 6.7g/t Au from 651m
    SYDD431 23m @ 3.6g/t Au from 717m; and
    46m @ 3.1g/t Au from 749m
    SYRD434 31m @ 2.55g/t Au from 781m
    SYDD436 7m @ 5.00g/t Au from 570m

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  2. 4.1k

    Nice option.........

    Shareholders in Resolute Mining will have the option of collecting dividend payments in gold bullion, under a new policy believed to be the first of its kind in the world.

    The gold miner announced it would resume dividend payments, declaring a 1.7¢ per share final dividend for the 2016 financial year under a new gold sales-linked dividend policy.

    Resolute, which has not paid consistent dividends since the late 1990s, joined a group of local gold miners reinstating or raising dividends amid the best conditions the sector has enjoyed in recent years. But with a twist.

    Shareholders who hold 5000 or more shares in the company can elect to receive dividends in gold bullion paid into a personal account held with The Perth Mint.

    It is a first for The Perth Mint and Resolute managing director John Welborn said he believes it is the first time a gold company has ever offered the option.

    Shares are up 6.4 per cent at $1.88.


  3. 3.6k

    good to see that RSG is stepping outside the box, with the options..

    cool most holders of RSG could get the gold made into a nice trophy or nice gold necklace for their wives../

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  4. 3.6k

    This one should be on a nice Uptrend now..!
    Director buys on market recently $160k worth as well..? one
    for the medium to long term Punt.

  5. 5.8k

    Great buying opportunity at sub $1 yesterday.

    Bouncing back today.

    A real mid cap gold producer....no imposters here.

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  6. 5.8k

    Had a great fortnight.

    Mid 90s to $1.25 so far.

    $1.40 looks probable next few weeks.

    Breaks there and it will also be game on.

    Another quality turnaround producer.

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  7. 5.8k

    Broke through 1.25 level convincingly.

    1.35 currently.

    1.40 test now looks likely s/t.

    If/when gold tests/breaks recent highs it should break through and see some daylight before retesting some previous much higher prices.

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  8. 5.8k

    Testing 1.40 levels today.

    Gets through and it could gain some good traction.

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  9. 5.8k

    Straight through 1.40 onto 1.52.

    Did leave a gap at open this morning.

    Should cover and go on its merry way imo.

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  10. 5.8k

    Another new 12 month high today.

    Going great guns last two months.

  11. 5.8k

    Definitely not a dry July here,with another new high today.

    Had a gut feel that a break of 1.40s was gunna lead to an exponential run and should of doubled up there on my initial buy.

    Sub 1s heading for bag status very quickly.😁

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  12. 5.8k

    Huge open. Up 16%.

    Heading towards some long term resistance now.

    But was a very quick bag. Thanx.

    Will let half roll and see where she ends up. Good daylight if she gets through 2.40 later on in year.

  13. 5.8k

    Huge intraday moves from day lows to the close for many goldies today.

    Friday the 13th might turn out to being a great reentry day after the whacking most got during the week.

  14. 5.8k

    Decent quarterly and reaction to it trading wise today.

    Should start moving back upwards now and retest high 1.40s short term.

    Medium term if it gets through $1.50 it should see it test towards underside of last year's 2 buck mark

  15. 5.8k
  16. 21

    Looks like a boring forum. But just for grins.....please do watch RSG rocket. Gold price on the move up - given the instability in the USA and the hidden instability in China. Currently at 50%+ profit margin at current POG. I put 40% of my portfolio in this one. For good reason. Watch and learn.

  17. 21

    The spike upwards has well and truly started. Gold may crack $2000 USD tonight. Get in early tomorrow to make any serious money? I already did.

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