1. 14.3k

    Good calls so far with this one Shane. Rnu is a disaster

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  2. 2.9k

    So we have a guy who calls a share price guaranteed at 9.5c by Christmas - it's now after Christmas and the share is at 5.6c and some idiot posts "Good calls so far". Uh uh.

  3. 14.3k

    He is alot closer to any calls you have made. $2 by Christmas, and we are at 8 cents for you.

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  4. 14.8k

    Adds04, I see you now have Anne as your stalker.

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  5. 3.0k

    "Adds04, I see you now have Anne as your stalker."
    Shanehardy and MLF as well.
    I feel neglected. How about you?
    Anyway I have a post on HC that hasn't been moderated. He mustn't have gone there since I put it there.

  6. 6.1k

    Hi adds SEI reached 6.0 cents then retraced ....this will bounce again as soon as they commence Hardrock processing.
    Also this mob have a group involved TS securities .....they are their for a take over. They have been collectively picking up Shares for a consortium called Archer ,and Another. I suspect it will be a take over within 2 years .
    Been to the site plenty of great news to come and quite a few surprises install.
    VMS about to start mining Iron or at a depth of 2 mtrs for over 2.2 million tonnes @57fe similar arrangements as FMG ....have signed an offtake with Prosperity Minerals ,one of the biggest base metal buyers on the planet.
    As soon as VMS get 50% through their Iron ore they will commence their Tin/Tungsten operation.
    This tenement is the last best Tin Deposit in the world, and the Government as listed this tenement as the number 1 strategic operation in Australia....followed by MT Carbine SEI and ranked 7th RNU s siviour Tenements.
    VMS at 1.7 to 2.0. Cents is one of the cheapest stocks on the ASX ,that will soon be in production....my tip is they will commence in mid to late January . The only hold was a section of Hydro Road ,which my intel .tells me will very soon be resolved.
    RNU have been disappointing I think The CEO releasing news 3 months after he had it has backfired a bit.
    Doing a CR right on. Xmas just to accommodate a third party is also not a good score. Over all the operation once it gets a binding offtake partner....my tip....Sumitomo or Panasonic by May...remember all Patents held for Battery Technology is owned by......Samsung,,,,,Apple,,,,,,Panasonic....IBM.....etc etc. so it’s important for them to do their DD....the DFS was delayed by 9 months due to one of the above requesting it be done a certain way..
    All boxes now ticked......so watch this space.
    SEI will be above 20 cents by June....VMS could easily be that by March..RNU give them 12 months and a new push for Graphite and it could go anywhere... I compare them more favourably then SYR.

  7. 2.9k

    That stirred the troopers up a bit, they all came running when I post.

    Tell me adds04 - When did I ever predict a price for MNS? Or are you just trying to support your application to be a troop member by proving your idiocy?

    Now Huge, I make a post here on SEI and you and pllotts follow as quickly as you both can with the stupidity and low level responses but I'm a stalker ???

    At least shanehardy justifies his optimism - but who is it shane? The finance Co. from Sweden, I think it is Govt. backed? I think they will be after RNU once they get up and running.

  8. 3.0k

    "but I'm a stalker ???

    You are again asking a question of which you already know the answer.
    In fact you would have to be one of the biggest stalkers on this forum.

    Have you pressed the Report button on my HC post yet?

    Can you please say why you get so many Upvotes for your TA when you are bullish on WKT and the price has been tanking over the past 6 months from 45c to 19.5 cents? You give them false hope despite the market going cold on this part of it, having sovereign risk, cant get proper finance, is down tending. You must know it's dumb to hold and just hope as they do. Makes as much sense as saying MNS has potential. You have seen what happened to MNS but you give them false hope as well

    Potential for what? Tanking even further?

    Update: One poster said this "In the graphite space he hasn't done well with MNS or WKT after each peaked."
    "hasn't done well" is an understatement. The longer the time it takes to get finance, assuming they do, which is a big assumption, the lower the price will go but you feed them BULLish hope. They should fell like fools with their Upvotes when the price makes another low. But the rampers still exist on MNS and they will there also.

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  9. 2.9k

    Huge, if you have a problem with HC or WKT or somebody on HC why don't you have the courage to go there and address your sick obsession?

    Your'e a gutless old coward hiding here away from everyone you abuse over there so grow a set buddy and try and grow up.

    What is your username over there anyway? - you're such a cowardly freak you haven't even got the courage to tell us that.

    So piss off coward and leave the SEI forum for those that are interested.

  10. 3.0k

    Hop back on one of the MNS threads and explain more about this "potential" you mentioned.
    I can't see any anywhere.
    However no more of your weather charts. Remember you are "skating on thin ice."
    Or perhaps you can get on a WKT thread. You are bullish on that also, so let's know why because I see it following MNS into oblivion. It just wont take nearly 4 years of downtrend like it's doing. But it's off to a good start with the 6 months it's in now.

  11. 7.2k

    N N N Noel really.
    Youd prefer MNS to SEI.
    Mate learn to chart.
    you take up way to much space with your 20%.
    Remember your maths!
    20% of Nothing(which is what you currently offer) = A dress, a pole and a pineapple.
    You do like pineapple!

  12. 2.9k

    Full moon tonight perhaps ?

    The howlers are out. If only we could understand what they are saying. Old gutless Huge and the support act MFL or whatever. Pllotts to arrive soon?

    Tell me MLF - was it really that funny when you had a chuckle at the bushfires? I notice you don't mention it anymore but going on that first post you must be in hysterics now as time and the damage has progressed.

  13. 3.0k

    In your continual hypocrisy, you said I should not be on the SEI thread, so as you are stalking shanehardy, MLF, adds04, Pilots and myself, I suggested you go to a MNS or WKT thread and explain why you lead the followers on with your bullish charts and comments.
    You can see MNS has been in a 40 month downtrend from $1.12 to 8c and WKT in a 6 month downtrend from 45c to 19.5c. Neither can get proper finance, Both have sovereign risk, the market obviously doesn't like this part of it they are in, so why are you doing this to them? They follow you, give you Upvotes on HC and Likes here but both stocks are phucked. Why are you doing this to them?

    One of them just said "My money is on Cabbie. Its a risk I'm prepared to take."
    You must have them hypnotized or smoking something extremely powerful.

  14. 3.0k

    Nothing to say? Even about your comment of MNS having potential?
    There are several posters predicting prices from 9c to 12c bottoms on the WKT thread on HC.
    Even I don't think the whole run up from when the price previously bottomed from 9c to the 45c top will be wiped out.
    But I believe there is a better chance of that happening than 45c ever being exceeded.
    Sorry to mention this on a thread that isn't MNS or WKT but you won't go there.
    Could it be that it's you who is the "jelly belly coward?"

    Best you put on your original Cabbie hat and come to the "rescue" of those WKT rampers again.

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  15. 6.1k

    A bit of good news this Morning ,the last 3 announcements in my opinion should have been Price sensitive,
    Anyway Production to be in full swing come the 6th January.
    Hopefully VMS will soon follow up with an announcement much the same.
    RNU still have a little time ,but I suspect DC will soon be back from Japan and South Korea with a binding offtake.

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  16. 7.2k

    Full moon tonight perhaps ?
    You cant even get the moon phases correct.
    So not reading the rest of your frivolous frivalry.

    Desperate frivolous acts, with the intention to impress a woman who is not romantically interested.

    Wrong on all accounts My Lispy friend.

  17. 14.8k

    MLF, on Old gutless planet it is full moon, I note yellow belly in no longer posting on the MNS thread.

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