Impact of Coronavirus on Select Harvests Limited’s outlook

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    Select Harvests Limited (‘Select’) confirms that there has been no material short-term
    impact on its financial performance from the Coronavirus outbreak. However, given the
    significant global uncertainty about the impact of the outbreak on supply chains and
    consumer demand, the company notes the following in relation to potential risks from the
    • We have commenced harvest and the marketing campaign for the 2019-20 crop.
    • The company expects a near-term softening in almond price and demand from the
    outbreak, the extent and duration of which will depend on when the virus can be
    contained and the China related supply chain and factories return to normal.
    • China remains an important market, we also continue to market domestically and
    to our traditional markets - India, Middle East and Europe.
    • Some raw materials are sourced from China, but after reviewing our current
    inventories, there are no immediate issues that would impact our ability to service
    our customers.
    Select will continue to carefully monitor the risk to Select’s business from the outbreak.

    courtesy of Bell Direct

    ( DYOR )

    i do not hold this share ( but have done very nicely with it in the past )

    i DO hold RFF ( which leases properties to SHV )

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