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    Hi all,

    My first post here..Nice little site thats up and running here!

    I got myself some SOE early last week, purchased them purely on their chart. Had no idea what they are into when i purchased - further investigation shows they seem to be some sort of equity investment fund.

    There has been some quite decent purchases over the past week, with a little bit of a move upwards.

    Does any body have an idea why there is interest in the stock at the moment? Rumours, guesses, facts anything...?


    Goodluck trading to all :)

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    Just a follow up on my previous post

    I ended up bailing at 0.25c this week after initially purchasing for 0.225

    Hopefully it consolidates around 0.24 this week, if so i see potential in the charts for it to have another run if it can break .25 the next week

    Gotta be mindful of the dividend

    In any event, i havent been able to identify why there was buying a week ago...gonna follow it anyway

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