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    SOR, through their 100% owned subsidiary Maria Resources has won up to $150k co-funding for drilling of the Behemoth project in the Officer basin.

    Gravity and IP surveying of the Behemoth project has identified a large, dense anomoly which is highly prospective for gold or other base metals. Announcement is due shortly to provide more detail about this project.

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    IP survey at Behemoth an outstanding success with multiple drill targets being generated. Gravity anomaly is 6.5km in diameter with the bulk of the higher density core being 400m depth and the outer portions between 200 to 300m depth and the IP survey found it extends to a depth of 500m (the extent of testing so are open at depth beyond this). The gravity survey modelled the denser parts to continue to at least 1km depth. Less than half the gravity anomaly has been subject to IP survey to date. Six IP lines were completed with three identifying very large anomalous IP chargeability zones.

    The Company will complete drill target generation in a matter of weeks and will then commence the process of lodging a Program of Works with the intention to drill at Behemoth and obtaining relevant aboriginal heritage clearances.

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    All approvals received and now completing pre-drilling construction, ie tracks to the drill zone, drill pad.

    Drilling is due to start very soon, possibly as early as this week.

    Separately, their 100% owned Stealth Technologies is presenting at an AI & Aviation Industry session on Thursday evening in Perth.

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    And drilling of the first two holes has commenced.

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    Moment of truth near for Strategic at odd geological feature
    Thursday, 5 December 2019 3:46PM
    Matt Birney

    Strategic Elements is close to uncovering the source of the unusual geophysical features at its Behemoth project, with a rig now operating on site.

    Strategic Elements moment of truth is drawing near as it seeks to determine if the odd shaped geophysical “ring” features at its Gibson Desert Behemoth project are harbouring massive sulphides and/or gold. Strategic has its truth diviner on site and drilling now with the financial backing of the WA Government’s exploration incentive scheme.

    The odd shaped rings are a bit of a mystery to the geological world – one theory being that billions of years ago, a big rock fell from the sky and created a mass of molten material containing nickel, copper, platinum, palladium, gold and all sorts of other nice to have metals.

    The pooled development fund manager and mineral explorer is now drilling two, 550-meter-deep holes, aimed directly at the buried geophysical anomalies that the company thinks may have the potential to host accumulations lucrative minerals.

    Strategic is pioneering exploration in this remote corner of WA that has laid essentially untouched aside from a few diamond chasers scratching the surface. Strongly anomalous gold-in-soil geochemistry results are scattered around the ring features, peaking at 119 parts per billion.

    To put these gold anomalies into context, the plus 6 million-ounce Tropicana gold mine was discovered courtesy of a 10ppb to 30ppb soil anomaly.

    Strategic initially recognised the unusual geological features at the Behemoth project after meticulously studying Government magnetic survey data. To investigate the features in more detail, it ran a gravity survey and an induced polarisation survey across the ground. Gravity surveys look at rock density and induced polarisation surveys look at the electrical chargeability of subsurface materials, such as massive sulphides.

    The gravity survey identified a massive, dense body of material that appears to be buried wholly within the 12km-wide ring structure.

    The induced polarisation survey turned up large, multi-kilometre sized chargeable zones, which indicate the potential for accumulations of disseminated sulphides that are, in theory, prospective for base metals, precious metals and rare earths.

    Meteorite impacts are known in other areas around the world to be associated with lucrative accumulations of precious metals, base metals and rare earth elements such as the Sudbury basin in Ontario, USA.

    Not surprisingly, Sudbury is now a major mining community and one of the worlds leading suppliers of nickel and copper.

    There is a lot happening for Strategic now and it will be exciting to see just what comes up from of the depths courtesy of this drill campaign.

    One thing seems certain though – if it is mineralised, it is likely to be big – the punt of course is on whether or not it will be mineralised.

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    "One thing seems certain though – if it is mineralised, it is likely to be big – the punt of course is on whether or not it will be mineralised." Likely to be big? The magnetic anomaly that the drilling will test is 12km in diameter and around 400 to 500m thick.

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    Delays due to fires, water supply issues and lightning strikes, so drilling to resume 6/1/20 and expected to be finished that week with assay results due early February 2020.

    Hopefully they announce preliminary results following the completion of drilling with comprehensive results once the assaying is completed.

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    I either missed this picture on the 5/12/19 announcement or had forgotten about it.

    So they are drilling Zone B1 (2km in length) & Zone B3 (3km in length). Zone B2 (1.4km in length is not being drilled initially although the IP results for Zone B2 appeared more prospective than Zone B3.

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    Based on the December 23rd update from the company the drilling of the two Behemoth holes should now be complete. Hopefully we get some preliminary results as early as next week with the assay results in early to mid February 2020.

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