Plans to Introduce Financial Gambling

  1. 1.3k

    TAB Sportsbet currently run a tote on RBA Rate Increases, this has been in place for some time.

    It has now been reported that Tabcorp plans to introduce the ability to place bets on the Australian sharemarket and commodity indexes.

    Interested to see how (or if) this unfolds, it may provide us sharemarket players with a level of offset / hedging strategy.


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  2. 78.7k

    is that wise after some of the less publicized activities of the RBA board ???? love the idea of extra betting opportunities (i am a shareholder )just not sure about the event

  3. 68

    Placing bets on sharemarket and commodity indexes sounds interesting, but the word "bet" is pretty scary already.

  4. 48

    I totally understand it. I've had a trigger on the word "bet" since I got scammed, and now gambling brings me only bad associations. I hope you'll never get scammed because the feeling is not the best. Now I just playFree online slots, and I can forget about the times when I was worried about losing.

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